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Discover Independence at Seven Hills Shopping Plaza with Gilani Engineering Products

Gilani Engineering has teamed up with an outstanding NDIS provider Pink Comfort to bring freedom and independence into your daily lives.

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Pink Comfort is currently doing an exhibition to showcase the many Power-Assist products available so that we able to provide live interaction with you and demonstrate the various benefits of each product.

Where is the exhibition located?

It is currently being held at Seven Hills Plaza - 224 Prospect Hwy, Seven Hills NSW 2147.

How long will this be running for?

Pink Comfort will be showcasing till the end of January 2021.

What products do you have available to look at?

  • We currently have Gilani Engineering’s most popular Eelectric Lift Chair– Monte Carlo. This recliner has advanced technology such as sit and stand up options for easy access and exit the recline lift chair. It also features massage and heat options allowing for ultimate comfort.
  • Also, on display is the most wanted GED09 wheelchair that Gilani Engineering has the Exclusive Australian Distributor rights. This foldable electric wheelchair lightweight heavy-duty wheelchair can also come with an extra-wide seat option if you looking to have a bit more room on the sides.
  • The unique Electric Wheelchair Portable Mobility Scooter with Omnidirectional Wheels IGET1 provides you with the independence you deserve. It is one of the most innovative electric wheelchairs in the Australian market with an easy to disassemble into 3 pieces in a few simple steps for transport and storage.
  • Pink Comfort is also demonstrating independence through the easy use Portable Wheelchair Hoist Lifter for Mobility Wheelchairs and Scooters which enables travelling to be so much easier.
  • Transfer Toilet Commode and Over Toilet Aid Wheelchair which has a weight capacity of 110kg. The toilet commode chair can be used in Homes Age Cares, Hospitals and in your own home as it is one of the best supportive disability aids available when it comes to bathroom use and independence.
  • Pink Comfort is also displaying the remarkable Electric Lift Chair Recliner Sofa with Synthetic Black Leather. This powerful recliner is designed to help people go from a seated position to a standing position without added strain or risk of an injury.
  • Jn additional, our Electric Super Light Foldable Portable Powered Top-Quality Mobility Scooter Wheelchair for Sale is one of the lightest motorised wheelchairs in the market with a net weight of only 18kg.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the posture cushions on display at Seven Hills Plaza. We have the foam Cushion Contoured Ergonomic for Car Seats, Offices and Wheelchairs available to view.
  • Additionally, the GE495S Air Cushion pressure cell seat for Rehabilitation is also on display to showcase the unique design for providing you with stability and comfort.
Pink Comfort showcasing independence Gilani Engineering Products at Seven Hills Plaza - recliner lift chairs, electric wheelchair, posture cushions and many more!

Pink Comfort showcasing independence Gilani Engineering Products at Seven Hills Plaza  - recliner lift chairs, electric wheelchair, posture cushions and many more!

Pink Comfort's goal is to provide a unique and flexible service that caters to your needs and lifestyle. Pink Comfort’s main office is located at Suite 601, Level 6, Westfield Mall, Parramatta NSW 2150 which located in the heart of Western Sydney.
Its mission is to provide results that are more efficient and reliable. Similar to Gilani Engineering, we strive in providing quality products and services. We want all our clients to take back their freedom and independence with our diverse range of products and services.
Click on the link below to take a look at the rest of the range of disability equipment and to see our exclusive wheelchair prices.
We not only a disability equipment supplier but we also provide services.
Our services include:
  • Car conversions
  • Mobility aid product repairs
  • Vehicle hire & taxi services
  • OT room
  • Home modifications to provide a safe and independent living environment.
Press the link below to view all our services.
Pink Comfort is an NDIS Provider and has approvals in the following fields
  • Accommodation/Tenancy
  • Assist Access/Maintain Employ
  • Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety for COVID PPE
  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • Assist-Personal Activities
  • Assist-Travel/Transport
  • Assistive Equip-Recreation
  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • Innov Community Participation
  • Development-Life Skills
  • Household Tasks
  • Assistive Prod-Household Task
  • Comms & Info Equipment for iPad, Tablets and AT devices
  • Participate in Community
  • Plan Management
  •  Therapeutic Supports
  • Group/Centre Activities
Come down to Seven Hills Plaza to see what all the fuss is about and get a real feel of our featured products.
Pink Comfort is making sure they operate in the shopping centre in compliance with the current COVIDE-19 law regulations in NSW of wearing face masks at all times within the centre.
They are also making sure that sanitise regularly and ensure social distancing is adhered to due to COVID-19.
Give us a call on 02 8740 8963 or email sales@gilaniengineering.com.au for further information.
Pink Comfort showcasing independence Gilani Engineering Products at Seven Hills Plaza - recliner lift chairs, electric wheelchair, posture cushions and many more!

Pink Comfort showcasing independence Gilani Engineering Products at Seven Hills Plaza - recliner lift chairs, electric wheelchair, posture cushions and many more!

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