Power Liftgate Reset: Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

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Convenience features are one of the priorities of car owners nowadays, especially disabled drivers. One of these notable features that offer essential assistance is the power liftgate. These motorized lift gates make it easier to access the car or vehicle’s cargo space, without having to use any hands, making them a wonderful innovation for people with limited mobility. As such, knowing how to troubleshoot or how to do a power liftgate reset will save the car owner from any issues in the future.

This latest blog post from Gilani Engineering will discuss troubleshooting tips and techniques for the most common issues with a power tailgate not working.

What is a liftgate?

A liftgate is usually made of sensors, electric motors, control modules and other mechanical components working together to open and close the rear hatch. Despite the advancements in how these systems are made, they are still bound to malfunction.

Honda Odyssey auto tailgate lift and car door
Honda Odyssey auto tailgate lift and car door

Common issues

Some of the common issues why a power tailgate will need a reset include:

  1. Obstruction on the sensors
  2. Misaligned sensors
  3. Software bugs
  4. Mechanical problems
  5. Electrical defects

When to consider a liftgate reset

Before you seek the expertise of professionals, resetting your liftgate could be the solution. Whether you drive a Nissan, a Chevy, a Ford, or a Toyota, rebooting the system may remove any bugs or mechanical problems that cause your liftgate to act up.

Although a Nissaan power liftgate reset or any vehicle make and model for that matter, can troubleshoot little problems, recurring issues might be the cause of a more serious issue.

Consider resetting your liftgate if:

It’s unresponsive

If your Chevy’s liftgate is not responding, consider a Chevy power liftgate reset. Resetting it may help it work again if the liftgate is not working or responding to commands from the remote key fob, kick sensor or interior switch.

It’s behaving erratically

A reset could be necessary to recalibrate the system and solve any software-related problems if the liftgate is opening or closing erratically.

It’s stuck

If the liftgate is stuck or in a partially opened position that won’t close all the way, resetting position sensors and the motor controls may solve this issue.

Tailgate lift Manual tailgate to automatic electric tailgate conversion. This modification simply replaces the original backdoor of the vehicle with a remote control open and close.
Manual tailgate to automatic electric tailgate conversion. This modification simply replaces the original backdoor of the vehicle with remote control open and close.

Step by step to reset your liftgate

Resetting a power liftgate is very easy and can be done without the help of anyone else. Resetting a liftgate can be found in the owner’s manual since the resets are different. A Ford liftgate reset is different from other vehicles’ make and models, however, the general steps that follow are applicable for most vehicles

  1. Park the car: Make sure the vehicle is securely parked away and wouldn’t cause any traffic or problems with other vehicles. Ensure that you are parked on a level surface without any hindrances.
  2. Turn off the engine: Take the key out of the ignition and turn off the engine. If the engine on your vehicle has a push button start, be sure it’s totally off as well.
  3. Open the liftgate manually: Carefully open the liftgate with the handle or release mechanism if it’s stuck or opened partially. Be careful when doing so to avoid harming yourself or damaging your vehicle.
  4. Find the power liftgate fuse: Refer to your vehicle manual to locate the fuse if you’re not familiar with where it is. This is usually located in the engine compartment or inside the power distribution center of the vehicle. For a power liftgate reset in Toyota Sienna, the fuse is shared with the power sliding doors.
  5. Remove and inspect the fuse: Check the fuse for signs of damage or discoloration and replace it with a fresh fuse that has the same amperage if the damaged fuse is the cause of the malfunction.
  6. Turn on the car: After letting the system reboot, turn on the car. Once the car is operating, test the power liftgate. If it’s still not functioning properly after this, consult a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my liftgate actuator is bad? 

Determining if your liftgate actuator is bad is easy since common signs of a malfunctioning power liftgate actuator include having trouble opening and closing the liftgate, and having trouble getting it to latch properly.

Where is the power liftgate switch? 

The location of the power liftgate switch varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If you’re looking for the switch for a reset of a tail lifts for truck, common locations for the switch are in the driver’s door panel, the centre console, instrument panel, key fob and the rear cargo area.

What is the reset button used for in booting?

The reset button is usually used for restarting or resetting the vehicle if the power liftgate is not working properly.