2X PIECES Adjustable Angle Stainless Steel Fittings Between Two Railing Connections


Stainless steel grab rail part

✅ Includes TWO pieces

✅ Adjustable Angle 90°- 180

✅ Male connection

✅ No welding required!!

NDIS Approved Grab Rail Part




Stainless Steel Grab Rail Adjustable Two Rails Fastening Connection Joint

TWO piece Adjustable angle stainless steel grab rail joint!

Features of this Stainless Steel Grab Rail:

  • Type: Plug adjustable joint
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Technics: Casting
  • Connection: Male
  • Adjustable Angle 90°- 180° used to join two pipes with any angle, without any cutting or welding
  • The high quality of the Joint make It highly rated and compliant with AS1428.1

Installation of these stainless steel grab rails:

  • Easy to Do without Welding
  • No sharp edges when installed
  • Creates a neat and tidy overall appearance
  • With surface Satin Finish

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Where can grab rails be used?

Grab rails are usually fitted at doorways, or anywhere considered to be a risk area for falls, and can be placed either inside or outside of the home.
Some locations around the home that you can install grab rails in include:

  • In the Shower- Grab rails in the shower can assist you in getting into or out of the shower. they can prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself.
  • In the Bath- Grab rails in the bath can help the user get into and out of the bath without falling over. Grab rails can also help the user get up up from the bathtub without hurting themselves.
  • Beside the Toilet- Grab rails beside the toilet can aid people that struggle with balance, get down or up from the toilet.
  • On the Side of the Stairs- Grab rails on the side of the stairs assist people with assist with balance and support going up and down the stairs. This can also help people become more independent.
2-What are right angled grab rails used for?

A right angled grab rail enables a user to maintain contact with the rail when moving from a sitting to a standing position. A 45 degree angle rail is commonly used in combination with a horizontal rail alongside a toilet or bathtub to assist in standing.

3- Who are grab rails recommended for?

Grab rails are recommended for the elderly, people with certain disabilities, bariatric patients and people with balance issues.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 38 × 38 cm

Easy- no welding



Quality guarantee

Over 10 years




Stainless Steel

Model Number

DMS-P5001 stainless steel pipe fittings

Surface finish

Mirro/ satin finish





SS grade

SS304/ 316/ 316L

Head Code


Size and design



38.1mm, 50.88mm


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