All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter CE Approved-CROSSOVER


✅  Powerful Mobility scooter

✅  All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter

✅  Charging Time: 5 hours

✅  Driving distance: 50 Km

✅  Unique and new Remote controlled Wheelchair

✅  Omnidirectional Wheel

✅  Luxurious sleek design

✅ Complies with Australian standards!!

12 in stock (can be backordered)


All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter is a CE Approved with vertical seat lift. 

The new and improved All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter has a stylish look that will be sure to turn heads, with its 2 DC 24V Brushless Motor and driving range of 50km, this luxury power chair will be your new best friend.  With an amazing 76cm turning radius small and tight places won't be a struggle anymore. The high tech patent omnidirectional wheels and a 20 degree steep slope capacity ensures the freedom and ability to drive with ease.

We support the introduction of innovation in the market by giving you the latest breakthrough All Terrain electric scooter technology.

The lux electric scooter is a heavy duty, durable and foldable wheelchair, the ideal electric scooter for travel and recreation.

Now you too will be able to take the road less travelled as the Lux electric scooter scores highly on Design, Performance, Extension Configuration and Battery standards.

Boasting 18 convenient features, the Lux electric wheelchair gives you the most comfortable and enjoyable ride.


  1. Ergonomic
  2. Adjustable armrests & rounded edge seats
  3. Rear anti-tip wheels + collectable aluminium alloy pedal
  4. 180mm lifting distance, 120mm translation distance
  5. Pressure sensor makes sure no missed controls when users leave the seat.
  6. Cushion is made of high-elastic biocompatible fabric material and airbag sponge
  7. customise your scooter with 8 different body shapes, adaptations to suit you


Enjoy a safe, comfortable and flexible all terrain electric wheelchair

  1. 10-inch front omnidirectional wheels + 12-inch rear run flat tyres, brightness adjustable headlight + reverse light.
  2. Maximum 120 Kg maximum load
  3. Suitable for use on stone roads, lawns, beach roads, curbs and parks
  4. Minimum 77 Cm spin radius, can climb 10-degree slope, cross 8cm steps and 15cm ditches making it THE most flexible all terrain Wheelchair on the market


  1. 50Ah Lithium ion battery, 5 hours quick charge, 25km endurance mileage
  2. protection for over voltage, under voltage over heat, over current, over-load, safe and reliable
  3. Each of the lithium batteries we use has a fuse, provide you with a worry-free charging protection.

Extra Features of the All Terrain Wheelchair

  1. 5L storage box can carry your groceries and makes your life convenient
  2. Adjustable headrest brings a comfortable experience online
  3. Table board and cup holder makes indoor and outdoor use more convenient
  4. Password + finger print double security electric wheelchair


  1. Seat can adjust to suitable position because it has 180mm lifting distance and 120mm translation distance. It makes the life of limited mobility people more convenient and comfortable.
  2. Our cushion is made of high-elastic bio-compatible fabric and airbag sponge. The fabric is flame retardant and waterproof and anti-slip. And the design can disperse body pressure and reduce pain, thereby preventing bedsore.
  3. All wheels are solid and easy to maintain. Omni-directional front wheel can be moved more flexible and with only 77cm turning radius. The all terrain electric wheelchair will not only cross obstacles with ease, but also an excellent turning radius in narrow pathways.

This All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter Features:

  • Rated maximum load mass: 120 Kg
  • Running range: 50 Km
  • Charging Time: 5 hours
  • Brake distance: 60 Cm under dry condition, 0.7 Cm under wet condition
  • Brake mode: Electromagnetic brake
  • Battery: 24V 50 Ah lithium battery with Charger 24V (included)
  • Motor: 2 DC 24V Brushless Motor
  • Power: 501-1000 W
  • Max Speed: 6 Km/h
  • Material: Aeronautical Aluminum
  • Size: 975 x 630 x 1080 mm
  • Package size: 89cm x 59cm x49cm
  • Gross weight: 98kg
  • Height from the ground to top of the foot plate: max 33cm, min 13.5cm
  • Height from the top of the seat cushion to the ground: max 69cm, min 51cm
  • Maximum forward distance of the seat: 13cm
  • Vertical lift Wheelchair.

Frequently asked questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)


1-What is the purpose of an electric wheelchair?
Electric wheelchairs are useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who may need to use a wheelchair for distances or over terrain which would be fatiguing in a manual wheelchair.
2- What is the lightest folding electric wheelchair?

The lightest folding electric wheelchair is the auto folding electric wheelchair lightweight with a remote control. This electric wheelchair only weighs 17 Kg! Making it one of the lightest electric wheelchairs in Australia in the entire world!

3- Which power wheelchair is best?

The best power wheelchair on the market is the Air Hawk

Amazing features that make the Air Hawk, the best Power Wheelchair on the market:

  • Portable and Lightweight weighing only 23 Kg
  • Heavy Duty Maximum weight capacity of 180 Kg
  • Re-programmable Joystick and customisable wheelchair
  • Impressive 25 Km mileage taking you far as possible
  • 2x Powerful Brushless motor
  • 2x heavy duty Pneumatic tyres
4- What is the best folding electric wheelchair?

The best folding electric wheelchair is the Falcon 

Amazing features that make the Falcon, the best Power Wheelchair on the market:

  • Foldable and Compact fitting into the tiniest of boot spaces
  • Re-programmable Joystick and customisable wheelchair
  • Stepless Reclining backrest
  • Foldable Central footrest and flip up armrests
Considerations: Load Capacity for Wheelchair? 
The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter may change according to the type of ground the wheelchair/scooter is used on.
The supplier’s stated load capacity may have been given for a product that has been tested on a flat ground.
However, the load capacity, performance and stability may change when the product is used on an incline.
These factors, including the maximum gradient on which a wheelchair/scooter should be safely used, must be discussed with the supplier.


Additional information

Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 89 × 59 × 49 cm


  • Size: 975 x 630 x 1080 mm
  • Package size: 89cm x 59cm x49cm
  • Gross weight: 98kg
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg


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