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Automatic Power Tailgate Lift Kit and Electric & Automatic Boot Opener

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  • NDIS approved
  • Latest technology
  • Australian Warranty
  • Customisable modification
  • Universal Automatic Tailgate Lift
  • Car Boot opener with remote
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We are proud to introduce the latest technology, including the new and innovative Automatic Tailgate Lift Kit Installation and Electric car door opener.

We create custom-made solutions, including the automatic tailgate lift and electric car door vehicle modification. Power tailgates and trunks have become so widespread that you’ll find them on SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, and sedans—even today’s truck tailgates offer a tech version. The added convenience can make a living with the vehicle more accessible, no matter your lifestyle.

What is an automatic tailgate lift kit?

A power tailgate lift is a motorized hatch that opens and closes electronically. You can activate the system by pressing or holding a button inside the car, the key fob, or the hatch itself. Older models require you to unlock the vehicle using the key fob before activating the hatch. Our Engineering team has also added a way to disable power operation if you prefer to close the hatch manually.

What can different types of Electric Tailgate Lift be installed for me?

We can install different vehicle modifications depending on your needs:

  • Universal Automatic Tailgate Lift
  • Electric Car door for passenger, driver, rear door
  • For totally custom-made solutions, contact us


Automatic Tailgate Lifters
Automatic Tailgate Lifters



Automatic Power Tailgate Lift Kit and Electric & Automatic Boot OpenerAutomatic Power Tailgate Lift Kit and Electric & Automatic Boot Opener
Automatic Power Tailgate Lift Kit and Electric & Automatic Boot OpenerAutomatic Power Tailgate Lift Kit and Electric & Automatic Boot Opener


Who is this product suitable for?

One feature that makes an automatic tailgate lift more valuable is the ability to open it hands-free. Ford was one of the first automakers to introduce a hands-free automatic tailgate that allowed you to open or close it by waving your foot under the rear bumper. Hyundai and Kia models with hands-free power auto lift tailgate open three seconds after detecting the key fob near the trunk.

  • Elderly people
  • People who have shoulder injuries and have difficulty lifting their arm
  • People with bursitis
  • People with limited upper limb mobility
  • Wheelchair users
  • People who live alone
  • People with MS
  • People with limited strength

How does this system work?

Automatic Power Tailgate lift system integrated with your KeyFob.

This electric power tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate with a simple button. This smart aftermarket lift gate provides additional security and comfort to your vehicle. This reliable system will outperform a hydraulic system without all the complicated plumbing and upkeep. This retrofit power liftgate is for all family members to use in all weather conditions, whether rain or shine!


See below for our unique Automatic Tailgate system package with additional features:

1) Press the original remote control or keyfob to open/close the tailgate

2) Hatch door auto lock / soft gate close

3) Touch the button in the tailgate to open/close

4) The tailgate will bounce back automatically once it senses obstacles while closing for extra safety

5)  Customisable tailgate height suits everyone

6) Sound alarmed when the tailgate is closing or opening


Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Can I use my NDIS funding to receive an automatic power tailgate installation service near me?

Yes! We are Registered NDIS providers and are more than happy to organise the automatic tailgate or any other vehicle modifications through NDIS.

2- What other vehicle modifications do we do?

We do a wide variety of disability vehicle modifications. These include minor changes such as hand control installations, over ring accelerators and other driving solutions or medium jobs like a platform lift installation, roof topper, boot hoist installation or complex complete modifications that require dramatic structural changes to the car. Our production team includes highly qualified mechanical engineers, automotive engineers, and mechanics.

3- How long does this kind of modification take?

This modification is a quick and easy process. It will take roughly a day to complete this job and requires a rewiring of the vehicle’s key fob and electric components. Our team of dedicated engineers and mechanics makes sure your job is completed at the utmost highest standard.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 100 × 10 cm

Kia Grand Carnival 2014-2018, Honda Odyssey 2015-2022


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