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Bariatric oversized toilet commode chair multipurpose toilet aid with 250 kg weight capacity-Shower Chair


✅ Bariatric Commode Chair

✅ Shower Chair: Water resistance 

✅ Flip away footrests

✅ Removable commode bucket

✅ 4 castor wheels with brakes

✅ Flip up arm rest

✅ Cushioned seat

NDIS Approved Bariatric Commode Chair

30 in stock (can be backordered)

GTIN: 9358192007651 SKU: Bariatric-Commode-Chair Category: Tags: , , , , , ,


Bariatric commode chair multipurpose oversized toilet aid with 180kg weight capacity

This Amazing Shower chair is water resistance and can be taken in the shower!!

This Bariatric Commode chair is designed in a special way where it can keep bariatric users as comfortable as possible. It comes with a cushioned seat and flip up armrests and flip away footrests. this is to make transfers into and out of the chair very easy and comfortable for both the user and carer.

This Bariatric Commode Chair includes a commode toilet that can be used for those unable to use a toilet. It can be used for areas all around the house. This includes in the living room, in the dining room, in your bedroom, in the toilet and in the shower.

Features of this Bariatric Commode Chair:

  • Flip up arm rest
  • Cushioned seat
  • Removable commode bucket
  • Flip away footrests
  • Flip up armrest
  • 4 castor wheels with brakes

Specifications of this Bariatric Commode Chair:

  • Seat Material: PU seat
  • Net Weight: 18.5 kg
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 kg
  • Chair Width Overall: 72cm
  • Overall Height: 98cm
  • Seat Height from the ground: 51cm
  • Chair Depth: 42cm
  • Seat Width Internal: 61cm
  • Seat Depth Overall: 82cm
  • Backrest height: 42cm

Who would this product be suitable for?

  • Bariatric Patients
  • Someone with low levels of strength
  • Someone with low levels of mobility
  • A carer that has low strength
  • Someone who has a shower but not a bath and cannot use a shower
  • Someone with vision issues
Bariatric oversized toilet commode chair multipurpose toilet aid with 250 kg weight capacity-Shower Chair

Easy to lock on wheels without having to use your hands

Bariatric oversized toilet commode chair multipurpose toilet aid with 250 kg weight capacity-Shower Chair

Footplates so the patient can rest their feet and keeping them off the ground whilst being transferred around.

Bariatric oversized toilet commode chair multipurpose toilet aid with 250 kg weight capacity-Shower Chair

This lever is used to easily and quickly swing away the foot plates without having to remove the entire footplate

Frequently Asked Questions:


1- What is a bariatric commode chair?

A bariatric commode chair is a chair that is used by bariatric patients and people who prefer wider seats. The commode is for people who find it difficult accessing toilets. They are built extra wide and sturdy and designed to hold more weight than a regular commode chair.

2- When should you use a commode chair?

People who stay in their beds most of the time and are weak or unsteady should use a commode chair. This will prevent the user from falling whilst going to the toilet and it will be safer for the user.

3- Which is the best bariatric commode chair?

This is the Best Bariatric Commode Chair on the market. This product is not only a patient lifter, but can be used around the house. It has wheels allowing you to transfer to numerous places in and around the home.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 70 × 76 × 35 cm


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