Brake With Radial Master Cylinder – Precision Control, Fits Right/Left, Microswitch for Rear Stop Light

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  • Radial master cylinder for smooth and controlled braking
  • Activates both front and rear brakes for precise stops
  • Custom hydraulic pipes ensure a perfect fit
  • Choose right or left side for lever placement
  • Microswitch activates rear stop light for visibility
  • Easy installation into your bike’s braking system
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Brake With Radial Master Cylinder – Precision Control and Enhanced Safety

Upgrade your braking experience with our Brake and Radial Master Cylinder. Engineered for precision and safety, this device transforms your ride by providing unparalleled control over your braking system.

Key Features

1. Braking Control

Designed to enhance your braking precision, this device allows you to easily control braking force. Squeeze the lever to experience smooth and responsive braking.

2. Radial Pumping System

Featuring a radial pumping system with a diameter tailored to your vehicle type, our brake ensures optimal performance. The system is strategically positioned on the right or left side of the handlebar for convenient access.

3. Comprehensive Braking Activation

Pulling the lever connected to the radial-pump activates the entire braking system, both front and rear. Enjoy a synchronized and efficient braking experience for improved safety on the road.

4. Custom Hydraulic Connections

The radial pump is seamlessly connected to brake calipers via two hydraulic pipes with eyelets, customized for a perfect fit. This ensures a reliable and secure connection, enhancing the overall performance.

5. Microswitch for Stop Light Activation

Safety is important. Our brake lever is equipped with a microswitch that activates the rear stop light, providing additional safety and awareness to your riding experience.


  • Control: Leverage the handlebar for precise braking
  • Pumping: Radial system tailored to vehicle type
  • Activation: Pulling the lever engages front and rear brakes
  • Connections: Custom hydraulic pipes with eyelets for a secure fit
  • Safety: Integrated microswitch activates the rear stop light
  • Installation: Easily integrates into the handlebar setup for seamless use


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