Carry Mate Bumper protection Mat


✅  The CarryMate Bumper Protection Mat prevents scratches to your bumper
✅  Suitable for passenger and 4 x 4 vehicles
✅  Hard-wearing 600 Denier Polyester material
✅  NDIS approved
✅  Full Australian Warranty



Latest Bumper Protection Carry Mate Bumper protection Mat

Our latest addition, the CarryMate Bumper Protection Mat is ideal for wheelchair users that love to take their car and travel but want to prevent their electric wheelchair from scratching their bumper!

The CarryMate Bumper Protection Mat fits neatly and seamlessly into your car.

How is it used?

You can either choose to secure the Bumper Protection Mat with the supplied velcro strips or place it under the boot mat.

How is a bumper protection mat an investment?

Just like using a phone case and glass screen, a bumper protection mat it is important to protect your vehicle from scratches, chipped paint and dents. A car boot mat or bumper protection mat provides protection against your foldable electric wheelchairs Australia for your vehicle.

You might think a protective phone case or glass screen is an expensive investment and costs about $100-$200 for a $1500 phone but it is better to invest in these protective measures to avoid repair charges of $400-$700 if you accidentally drop your phone!

It is the same thing with your vehicle. If you own a foldable electric wheelchair Australia or any other mobility product you are bound to scratch your boot. Purchasing a one-time high quality bumper protection mat prevents damages from minor to major to your vehicle.

We offer solutions for all your problems allowing you to regain your freedom and Independence with the Bumper Protection Mat


What foldable electric wheelchairs and scooters will the Bumper Protection Mat work in conjunction with?

See our range of electric mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs and Foldable electric wheelchairs for more information.

Why is the Carry Mate Bumper Mat considered a universal mat?

The CarryMate Mat provides support to any part of your car whether you are using it for protecting your bumper, your wheelchair or any part of your vehicle, the polyester material and velcro straps ensure that your items can be transferred easily, safely and quickly.

  • Use it for your boot to prevent scratches on your car
  • Use it under a portable ramp to ensure that the ramp does not scratch the boot
  • Use it on the bottom of your wheelchair accessible vehicle ramp
  • Use it inside the car for wherever you want extra protection to your vehicle's interior

Benefits of the Bumper Protection Mat 

  • Provides neat and streamlined protection to your bumper
  • Secure to your boot with velcro straps
  • Polyester material not only prevents scratches but reduces friction when transferring your folded wheelchair, scooter or product into the back boot
  • The water-resistant moisture wicking material ensures protection against scratches rail, hail or shine!
  • The breathable black material makes sure that any spills or rain dries up almost instantly and can air dry quickly preventing the growth of mould
  • Machine-washable friendly!

We are advocates for independent living and believe that you do not deserve to have a scratched car!

Frequently asked questions:

1- Are bumper protectors worth it?

Yes, Bumper Protectors are worth it. The reason is that constant transfers of foldable electric wheelchairs Australia, mobility scooters or other products being dragged into the boot day after day cause tiny invisible scratches that build up over time and show up as large scratches. The action of carrying a product into your vehicle's boot can cause major damage over time leading to the depreciation and lowered value of your vehicle.

Paint damages, scratches and dents cost a lot to fix and when it comes time to sell your car, prospective buyers will want to reduce the price of purchasing your vehicle.

You may think that bumper protection mats are unnecessary, however they can protect your vehicle from minor to major damages.

2- What is the best bumper protector?

The best bumper protector is the Car Boot Mat Carry Mate Bumper protector available. It is portable, heavy duty and made of finely knit malleable protective material that prevents the sharpest parts from scratching your vehicle. They are portable and universal meaning that you can fit it in any vehicle big or small. They can also be used inside the car when using a wheelchair as a car boot mat to protect your boot from damage.

3- How do you fit a bumper protector?

Bumper protector mats are portable and so it is not necessary to fit it to the vehicle. Our bumper protectors are not only portable but also universal, meaning that they will protect the boot of any vehicle type.

4- What is a bumper guard?

A bumper guard, car crash cars or bull bars are a completely different product. They are made of steel and incase of an accident they protect the front engine from getting damaged as much. They increase the weight of the vehicle, in some cases, they weigh up to 50kg, can affect the mileage of the car or SUV.

This will eventually lead to the lower performance of the vehicle and thus are not recommended. With additional safety features of vehicles it would be better not to use this product. A bumper protection mat and car boot mat is a different product that weighs almost nothing and offers protection to the exterior vehicle of your car.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5.5 cm

Large, Small


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