Comfort Waist Cushion – Lumbar Cushion for Comfortable Support

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  • High adhesive velcro easy adjustment
  • Three-dimensional support
  • Lumbar decompression to reduce pressure on the lower back
  • Bionic Structure to support natural spine curvature
  • Double Bandage Design
  • 4 bone plates and 2 fish scale springs
  • Ideal for Long Sitting and Sports
  • Built-in spring bar and PP bar support

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Comfort Waist Cushion – Reduce Your Back Pain and Back Injuries

The Comfort Waist Cushion is designed to provide exceptional support and comfort for your lower back. Whether you spend long hours sitting, suffer from lumbar disc problems, or need to prevent support injuries, this cushion is your ideal companion.

Its unique design and high-quality materials ensure it fills the back gap perfectly, providing firm yet comfortable support.


  • High Adhesive Velcro: Easy to use and adjust, with firm adhesion that doesn’t wear out over time.
  • Three Support Protection:
    • Wrap Around: Three-dimensional care to protect the waist.
    • Support Waist: Reverse “C” thrust to hold the lumbar spine.
    • Support Decompression: Spring and steel plate supports reduce pressure on the waist.
  • Bionic Lumbar Straight Structure: Moderate softness and flexibility, covering the waist from 1-waist to 5-position to release cervical pressure.
  • Double Bandage Design: Surrounding elastic stretch band for a secure fit.
  • Multiple Support Elements: Includes 4 bone plate supports and 2 fish scale spring bars for added stability.


  • Fills Back Gap: Provides continuous support by filling every angle of the gap in the back waist.
  • Prevents Injuries: Ideal for preventing lower back injuries and supporting sports activities.
  • High Adhesive Velcro: Ensures a secure fit and easy adjustments.
  • Double Bandage Design: Offers a comfortable and elastic fit, accommodating various body types.
  • Support Decompression: Reduces pressure on the lumbar area, relieving pain caused by sitting too long or lumbar disc issues.
  • Bionic Lumbar Structure: Supports the natural curvature of the spine, alleviating strain on the psoas muscle.

Ideal For

  • Office Workers
  • Athletes
  • Individuals with lumbar issues

Product Information

  • Material: Built-in spring bar, PP bar support
  • Design: Ventilated, elastic fitting with bidirectional compression


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