Left Foot Flip Up Accelerator for Automatic Cars and Handicap Car Conversions-GEF03

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Left Foot Flip Up Accelerator for Automatic Cars Handicap Car Conversions

Have you suffered from a stroke and had trouble with using your right foot to control the brake and accelerator pedals?

Or have you had an amputation and require a left foot accelerator?

Do you share your vehicle with other members of the family who require a right foot accelerator?

If so, then you should try the Flip Up Left Foot Accelerator Pedal from us

The flip-up system is a discrete conversion where this left-foot accelerator pedal can be safely folded away when not used.

  • This modification allows the vehicle to be used as it is original unmodified; other drivers will not see or notice the modification.
  • GEDRUN2 allows for the operation of the accelerator and brake with the left leg by drivers lacking functionality in the right lower limb.
  • It changes the position of the accelerator pedal from right to left concerning the brake pedal.
  • This modification can be installed in cars with an automatic transmission or clutch.
  • The system allows you to push sideways with your left foot easily and allow the left foot accelerator to fold down, ready to be used.
  • Put your left foot under the pedal and flip it up to fold away.
  •  This design allows you to keep driving using only your left foot.
  • A lever system transfers the accelerator pedal from the right to the left of the brake pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How much does a left flip-up foot car accelerator cost?

A left flip-up foot accelerator costs $749 to supply; however, there are additional costs for installation and certification by our RMS-certified engineers. Contact us for a free quote today.

2- Are Left flip Foot Accelerators legal?

Left flip-up Foot Accelerators are certainly legal in Australia and NSW. However, they must be installed by certified mechanics and engineers to ensure you are safe. You may also be required to take your driving test with the left foot accelerator installed on your vehicle. Our RMS-certified engineers can certify your vehicle to RMS NSW standards and ensure your vehicle modification is roadworthy.

3- What is a left flip-up foot accelerator?

A left flip-up foot accelerator is a device installed on your vehicle and allows an alternative method of using your car’s accelerator pedals. This device is highly suitable for people that cannot use their right foot to reach the accelerator pedal, which is usually installed on the right in most vehicles. Instead, the left foot option is a pedal installed on the left side and allows people to use their left foot instead of their right to control the acceleration of their vehicle.

4- Is the accelerator on the left or right?

Most standard cars have the accelerator installed on the Right side as most people are right-foot dominant. However, our engineers can install a left version if you need it. Individuals with a left-sided stroke (with their right side affected) would benefit from a left-foot accelerator installation. Furthermore, individuals with a right foot amputation or right knee arthritis would benefit from a left foot accelerator installation.

Please note that this LEFT Foot Accelerator Flips both pedals together and not individually.

Additional information

Weight 1.67 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 7.5 cm


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