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Electric Automatic Sliding Middle Door Kit: Anti Pinch Function, Existing Key Fob Operation

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  • Easily operated via remote control or manual function
  • Prevents accidental closure on objects or individuals
  • Integrates with existing key fob operation
  • Ensures passenger and object safety
  • Includes all necessary hardware for easy installation
  • Tailored installation for specific door types

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Electric Automatic Sliding Middle Door Kit for Vehicles

Our Electric Automatic Sliding Middle Door Kit is the best tool for safe entry and exit to the vehicle. It can be controlled via remote or manually. The manual function of this door kit allows you to use it even in power outage situations.

The kit is powered by a silent electric motor for smooth and quiet operation, making it perfect for homes, offices, and shops. The door kit has a unique anti-pinch feature that detects movement and obstacles, to keep everyone safe.


1. Remote Control and Manual Function

  • The door kit has dual functionality. You can control it via remote or manually.

2. Automatic Activation

  • It has an automatic activation feature. The mechanism activates when the door is left open and the vehicle reaches a speed of 5km/h, to ensure security during travel.

3. Anti-Pinch Feature

  • For better safety, the Anti-Pinch features of this kit prevent the door from closing when there is an object or an individual in its path.

4. Compatible with Existing Key Fob

  • It can be integrated with an existing key fob operation.

5. Easy Installation

  • It comes with all the necessary hardware for easy integration into vehicles or building entryways.


1. For Vehicles

  • It includes motorised actuators, sensors, control modules, and wiring harnesses.
  • Installation involves integrating components into the existing door framework and electrical system for smooth operation.


  • Hardware: Motorised actuators, anti-pinch sensors, control modules, and wiring harnesses.
  • Remote and Manual Operation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make my Vehicle’s sliding door automatic?

Yes, you can make your vehicle’s sliding door automatic by using the Electric Automatic Sliding Middle Door Kit.

How much would it cost to install an automatic sliding door in my vehicle?

Depending on your vehicle.

How do I book my vehicle to supply and install the automatic sliding door?

Simply call us on 02 8740 8963 or send an email to anthony@gilaniengineering.com.au


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Mercedes Benz Vito, Mercedes Benz Vito(V-Class) 2016+, Benz viano, Benz Sprinter, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Hiace, Ford Tourneo 2016+, Ford New Transit, New generation Transit, Honda Odyssey 2015+, Viloran 2020+, Hyundai H1


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