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Developed based on the HT-PUSH vertical brake, the new electric SPEED&BRAKE – E vertical brake, the new, mechanical SPEED&BRAKE lever combines electronic acceleration and manual braking single device.

The braking function, unchanged from the original PUSH vertical brake, is enabled with a natural push-forward movement of the lever. At the same time, the vehicle is accelerated by pressing the button on the handle side, at the thumb level. The acceleration is modulated by a variation of the magnetic field, amplified by an electronic control unit interfaced with the vehicle’s original system. The change in the magnetic field generated by a Hall sensor, not subject to mechanical wear, greatly increases the life of the device.

The electronic accelerator of SPEED&BRAKE – E is activated by pressing a button after starting the vehicle and has been designed to interface with the original acceleration systems of different vehicles while maintaining the same functional characteristics such as Cruise Control and Kick Down.

For more effortless acceleration and more complex driving situations, a switch will enable the Park function and reduce acceleration by about 50%, optimizing the device control at low speed. The specific focus on ergonomics and design and the various device adjustments includes the possibility of positioning the horn buttons and the electrified brake block on the right or left of the lever. The device is thus perfectly adapted to meet all user needs and can be easily integrated into the internal compartment.

The single lever SPEED&BRAKE – E, not being tied to the steering column, provides space for transfer from the wheelchair to the seat while maintaining the safety features of the vehicle, such as knee airbags and steering wheel adjustments, and does not require any changes to the plastic parts of the passenger compartment. When purchasing a new car, this standard device will be easily transferred to it, while the previous car be restored to its original conditions

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