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Reclining Electric Power Wheelchair Folding with Adjustable head and footrest Mobility chair-OPTIMUM


✅  Innovative 360 degree motion
✅  Aeronautical Aluminium
✅  Soft cushion padded armrest and headrest for added comfort
✅  Fully adjustable
✅  Drive range: 20km
✅  Max capacity: 100kg
✅  NDIS approved electric recliner wheelchair
✅  Full Australian Warranty
✅ Zero Gravity 


5 in stock (can be backordered)


This aeronautical aluminium rehabilitation therapy foldable, reclining, standing electric power wheelchair, the foot pedal can be extended and the backrest can be adjusted to an angle so the person is able to lay flat.


This Power Assist wheelchair is Standing motorised for sale

This Power Assist wheelchair is Standing motorised for sale

The Optimum electric power wheelchair can be manually rotated 360 degrees for easy transfers and ultimate adjustability!
The overall structure is constantly optimised so that the body can be divided into three parts, from chair to chair, making it easier to travel with. The armrests can be turned up and down to give more room for movement and the cushion is high-density, making it comfortable whilst also preventing bedsore/ pressure sores to the users body.
The powerful ergonomic standing electric power wheelchair is an excellent choice for individuals and their carers as you can easily move around and spin the wheelchair seating arrangement for a comfortable transfer.

The Optimum electric power wheelchair assists with: 

  • Individuals recovering from a stroke affecting the lower limbs, hip replacement, fractured neck of femur reconstruction and abdominal surgery
  • Carers that are tired of straining and struggling to care for their loved ones
  • Individuals that want to regain their sense of freedom by being able to use a wheelchair and get out of bed
  • People with more complex medical conditions that find it difficult transferring and getting out of bed
  • Individuals that HATE hoists and dislike using transfer board slides to sit out of bed.
  • This Swivel chair provides a solution for a long list of medical conditions and scenarios

Features of the Optimum electric power wheelchair:

  • Aeronautical Aluminium Material
  • Soft Cushion Padded Armrest and Headrest
  • Adjustable Armrest and Footrest
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Manual Rotation
  • Includes LED Lights in the Front
  • Backrest Reclines & Leg Extends Out
  • Splits in 3 Parts for Boot Loading
  • Maintenance Free
  • Remote Control Included

Specifications of the Optimum Electric Power Wheelchair:

  • Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Total Weight: 55 Kg
  • Seat Width: 49 Cm
  • Seat Depth:47 Cm
  • Total Height (headrest not included):1000mm
  • Total Length:1150mm
  • Total Width:580 mm
  • Packing Size: 115 x 58 x 58 Cm
  • Armrest to Armrest: 450mm
  • Seat to Floor Height (cushion not included): 440mm
  • Front Caster PU Solid: 8 "
  • Driving wheel PU Solid: 12 "
  • 180° Seat Rotation
  • Battery: 15.6AH
  • Drive Range: 20km
  • Max Speed:c6 km/
  • Climbing Ability: 15 degrees
  • Ground Clearance: 60 mm
  • Height of Surmountable Obstacle: 80 mm
  • Width of Trench Crossing: 180 mm
  • Max Turning Radius: ≤0.74 m
  • Front or Rear Wheel Drive
  • 2x 250w Brushless Motors

Easy Foldability

The OPTIMUM electric power wheelchair has the functionality to fold the wheelchair using the intelligent controller. Ideal for people that have mobility issues including the elderly.

More Features

  • The headrest is fully adjustable and the seat is well contoured with a nice luxurious leather finish. The footrest is adjustable to accomodate different heights or longer legs to maximise a comfortable drive for long periods.
  • It is worth mentioning that it can be front or rear wheel drive to offer you the flexibility of driving over many terrains and especially on roads and paves with gaps.
  • All in all, the OPTIMUM folding power wheelchair is very versatile that offers you all the luxurious touches with an affordable price tag and is ideal for NDIS recipients and my aged care packages.

Standard Australian warranty – 2 years

10 Reasons why we recommend the OPTIMUM all-terrain electric power wheelchair

  1. This power wheelchair is very versatile with its 180° rotating seat. The OPTIMUM electric power wheelchair will allow you to go almost anywhere giving you more accessibility.
  2.  Only 58cm wide, end to end, offering great manoeuvrability around the home.
  3. Stylish 21st century look and feel.
  4. Flip up armrests.
  5. Adjustable Armrest flipping up and down.
  6.  Large 2″ Drive wheel.
  7. 180° Footrest adjustable feet rotation by the flip of a switch
  8. Leg rest leg can be lengthened.
  9. Splits into three to fit into your boot.
  10. Detachable airplane safe Li-ion batteries.


  • Gilani Engineering is the trusted mobility equipment supplier in Sydney Australia. We are proud to be registered NDIS providers.
  • Contact us on (02) 8740 8963 to request your free quote today OR to HIRE the All Terrain Electric Wheelchairs.
  • Choose one of our BRAND NEW out of the box products to HIRE for the LOWEST RATE IN AUSTRALIA.
  • ONLY 0.6% of the full price per day!*

∗∗∗ Hire To Buy Option Available ∗∗∗

Frequently asked questions:

Standing wheelchair prices are about $5000-$10000 on the market. All of our standing wheelchairs are high quality made and range upwards from $3000.

To assist our clients with payment, we offer interest free finance programs, Hire to Buy, After Pay, we are NDIS providers and thus can utilise your funding or we can use your aged care package or other funding.

Standing wheelchairs give the client freedom and independence. For individuals that lack the body strength to stand up alone, a standing wheelchair can assist with this difficult movement giving them the freedom they deserve without requiring the help of nurses, carers or their family. Individuals that sit for long periods of time in a wheelchair slowly lose their lower body strength making it harder and harder to stand up alone. This standing wheelchair provides many benefits:

  • Helps increase body strength
  • Assists with standing without requiring a physiotherapist, carer or nurse
  • Reduces risk of pressure sores
  • Reduces risk of muscle shortening or contractor
  • Reduces the risk of bone loss
Reclining Electric Power Wheelchair Folding with Adjustable head and footrest Mobility chair-OPTIMUM

The Optimum has 360 Degree rotating wheels that help you turn on the spot

Reclining Electric Power Wheelchair Folding with Adjustable head and footrest Mobility chair-OPTIMUM

This power wheelchair has a 180° rotating seat. This electric power wheelchair will allow you to go almost anywhere giving you more freedom.

Reclining Electric Power Wheelchair Folding with Adjustable head and footrest Mobility chair-OPTIMUM

The castor safety locks are there as an extra safety measure whilst using this mobility wheelchair

Standing power wheelchair foldable remote controlled

Standing power wheelchair foldable remote controlled compact folding electric wheelchair

Reclining Electric Power Wheelchair Folding with Adjustable head and footrest Mobility chair-OPTIMUM

The adjustable backrest helps you get into the most comfortable position

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 115 × 58 × 58 cm


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