Lightest folding 4 wheel Electric Mobility Scooter-LITERIDER


✅ Mobility Scooter fits most car boots as it is very compact
✅ Air Travel certified
✅ Light-weight Electric Scooter
✅ 120 Kg Capacity
✅ Suitable for aged cares, nursing homes, hospitals and homes
✅ Made to last
✅ 1 YEAR Australian Full WARRANTY

✅ Complies with Australian standards

26 in stock (can be backordered)


LITERIDER MOBILITY is the lightest 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter on Australian Market.

it has the features on a steering angle adjustment and with a small and lightweight frame, this scooter is made for real adventure.

Added Armrests Option available

Easy to store and travel with, whether placing the scooter in the boot of your car or traveling around by train, it has the perfect size to be out of everyone's way and still be safe and secure while driving around your local shopping centre, local park or just driving around the street for fresh air. However, you wish to use this Lightweight Mobility Scooter will be the least of your problems. Just start and GO GO GO!! The LITERIDER 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter also offers 4 wheels that are all Solid, big seat, big footrest board and a hand basket ideal for small items.

Features of this 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter:

  • Motor: 180W brushless motor
  • With reverse and beeper
  • One headlight
  • Battery: 25V 10Ah lithium battery
  • Net weight: 19kg
  • Max load Capacity: 120kg
  • Climbing capacity: 8 degrees
  • Seat: 38(Width) x 50(Height)x 28.2(Depth) cm
  • Folding Size: 100cm (length) x 40cm (height) x 55cm (width)
  • Tyre Size: 6 inches, 10 inch
  • Four-wheel Scooter
  • Range Per Charge:15km
  • Charging Time: 6 H
  • Max Speed: 6-8km/h
  • Size: 101.9x 55.7x 93cm Carton 22kg
  • Floor foot area: 38cm*28cm


If you have a temporary injury, limited mobility or want to see if the product is right for you this scooter is a great option

The 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters Australia

Asked Questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)
1- Can you use mobility scooters in shops?

Are Mobility Scooters Allowed in Shops? Yes! By law all public buildings must have disabled access, and this includes access for mobility scooters.

2-Do mobility scooters go uphill?

The higher the climbing degree means the better the performance of the mobility scooter when driving up a hill. The more power or battery life that your mobility scooter has the better it is going to perform and last when going uphill.

The 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter has a climbing capacity of 8 degrees and a 180W motor which helps the mobility scooter give a better performance going uphill.

3- Are mobility scooters OK in the rain?

Yes, you can use a mobility scooter in the rain. As with any vehicle, you should move a little slower and exercise caution when operating your electric mobility scooter in rainy weather. If you are dealing with very heavy rain, it's probably best to be covered to protect both yourself and the electrical controls.

4- Is a 4 wheel scooter better than a 3 wheel scooter?
4 wheel electric mobility scooters offer improved stability over 3-wheel scooters, making them a better option for users who plan to regularly drive on uneven outdoor terrain. 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters are configured like an automobile, with two drive wheels at the rear and two wheels for steering at the front.
5- Are mobility scooters allowed on main roads?
4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters should not be used on the road unless it is impossible to travel on the footpath or pavement. If a pavement or footpath is not available, the device should be kept to the far side of the road and face oncoming traffic.
Considerations: Load Capacity for Wheelchair/ Scooter
The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter may change according to the type of ground the wheelchair/scooter is used on.
The supplier’s stated load capacity may have been given for a product that has been tested on a flat ground.
However, the load capacity, performance and stability may change when the product is used on an incline.
These factors, including the maximum gradient on which a wheelchair/scooter should be safely used, must be discussed with the supplier.


Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 101.9 × 55.7 × 93 cm


  • Size: 101.9x 55.7x 93cm Carton 22kg
  • Floor foot area: 38cm*28cm
  • Seat: 38(Width) x 50(Height)x 28.2(Depth) cm
  • Folding Size: 100cm (length) x 40cm (height) x 55cm (width)
  • Net weight: 19kg
  • Max load Capacity: 120kg


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