Pressure Reduction Mattress Memory Foam Elastic


✅ Designed for Specifically for the GEMN400 Hi-Lo Bed 

High Quality Memory Foam

✅ Weight capacity 200kgs

Eco-friendly Foam produced using cleaner chemicals

Environmentally safe treatment is added to the foam which reduces odours and bacteria.

✅ Different functions made specifically for your unique needs and preferences

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The HI-LO foam relief Pressure Reduction Mattress

Designed for GEMN400 Hi-Lo Bed and to use in nursing care homes and hospitals. This Pressure Reduction Mattress is developed with several layer foam for prevention of pressure injuries. This Adjustable Hi Lo Mattress is remote control Powered with many different functions made specifically for your unique needs and preferences. This ensures you are as comfortable as possible whilst using your bed.

The Pressure Reduction Mattress also has an additional protection of antimicrobial that restricts the growth of bacteria.

Features of the Pressure Reduction Mattress:

  • Strong metal mesh under mattress allowing increased airflow
  • 200kg weight capacity on long single
  • Hard wearing commercial grade fabric
  • Designed specifically for GEMN400 electric bed.
  • The  GEMN400MAT memory foam mattress contours to the users body, providing personalised comfort and transitional pressure relief.
  • Superior breathability: Up to 8x more breathable than conventional memory foams.
  • Anti-microbial: Environmentally safe treatment is added to the foam which reduces odours and bacteria.
  • Eco-friendly Foam is produced using cleaner chemicals and production technology.

Specifications of the Pressure Reduction Mattress:

  • Mattress Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 195 x 92 x14cm
  • Net weight: 9.5kg
  • Weight Capacity: 200kgs
  • Colour: Light Cream with Slate Mesh sides
  • Material: High Quality Memory Foam

The Electric Adjustable Hi-Low Single Timber Bed

Remote control that is for your specific sleeping needs, you will never have to compromise your sleeping position again.

The Hi Lo electric adjustable bed with remote control is designed to be used by those of us that may be living with special requirements, whether young or in the prime of your life, our medical beds will assist you in your day to day life and will seamlessly integrate into your home with our sleek and stylish design.

Features of the Electric Adjustable Bed:

  •  Head and leg elevation to allow the user optimal comfort
  • Steel frame design allowing for smooth raising and lowering of the base
  • Weight tested up to 250kg
  • 206cm x 97cm x 54 heigh from floor to mattress
  • 14cm from floor to base
  • 85cm from floor to mattress at highest height setting
  • Mattress 13cm thickness x 200cm in length x 89cm mattress width
  • Heavy duty motors
  • Multiple adjustable positions
  • Lockable Castor wheels
  • One year warranty on electric bed parts and 2 years on the base
  • Moveable Hoist can be used in conjunction with your Therapeutic bed
  • Zero Gravity Function

Frequently Asked Questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)


1- What is a Pressure Reduction Mattress?

Pressure reduction mattresses redistribute a patient's weight so as to relieve pressure points and promotes better circulation.

2- When should you use a Pressure Relieving Mattress?

These mattresses are generally suitable for patients up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer or for those with existing tissue damage.

3-What does a pressure Reduction Mattress do?

Pressure Reduction Mattresses are a necessary tool when caring for people who are confined to bed for extended periods of time. By helping prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and bedsores, Pressure Reduction Mattresses help distribute body weight evenly while promoting proper circulation.

4- How long should this memory foam mattress last?

This memory foam mattress should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many variables that can influence your mattress lifespan. The weight, sleeping styles of the sleepers and how you take care of the mattress can all influence a bed's longevity!

5- How do I take care of my mattress?
  • Vacuum mattress every 3 months
  • Use a protective cover
  • Flip your bed every 6 months
  • Allow mattress to air out when you leave for a holiday
6- What are the benefits of this memory foam mattress?

Many benefits come with this mattress including:

1. It is ideal for all sleeping positions

No matter whether you are a stomach or back sleeper, the memory foam will keep your spine aligned.

2. Motion Absorption 

When sharing a bed if one person rolls or turns the other person won't feel a thing.

3. Less back and neck pain

Memory foam promotes neutral spine alignment which keeps your body supported whilst sleeping.

4. Hypo-allergenic

Mold and mildew repellent and dust, mites, and pet dander resistant.

5. Good pressure relief

Memory foam has weight distribution properties which eliminates pressure pains.

6. Body hugging comfort

This memory foam molds to your body's curves making you extra comfortable.

7. Sag free and no sinkage

The memory foam is "not too soft and not too firm" which will prevent from long term damage.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 114 × 98 × 20 cm


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