✅  Universal and transferrable Mini Stamp Extension pedal to any vehicle
✅  Easily flipped away and universal
✅  Adjustable in distance and height from 3cm- 9cm
✅   Shorter Stature or shorter people
✅   Easily installed by clamping onto your current pedals
✅   Stamp Pedal Extension available for manual and automatic vehicles




Pedal extensions are an innovative solution for those that have trouble reaching a vehicle’s pedals. They are designed to be used for those who are of
short-stature, pregnant, over-weight or those with hip or knee limitations. The space between the pedals can be adjusted, as well as the height to ensure you are driving in a safe and comfortable position.


The Mini Stamp Pedal is perfect for those who only require a minor extension of the pedals with a range of up to 9cm in extension.
When they are not in use, simply fold them up, out of the way so others can also comfortably drive the vehicle safely.

This means that other  family members that use your vehicle can drive it with no inconveniences!

The Mini Stamp Pedal can be installed into both automatic and manual vehicles.

Features of the mini stamp pedal Extension:

  • Adjustable distance and height to suit you, can be adjusted from 3cm to 9cm.
  • Available for both Automatic AND Manual cars
  • Easily fold away when not in use

BENEFITS of our mini stamp pedal Extension:

  • Independence to use your own vehicle
  • Provide a safe driving environment
  • Discreet and simple to use

Independent mini stamp pedal extensions are a fantastic product which easily fit to your vehicle. They are removable and transferrable. Can be adjusted between 3 - 9 cm. Steplessly, you have bolts and nuts set up which allows you to adjust it exactly the way you want.

The mini stamp pedal extension can be flipped up and away so that it can be used as per normal, unmodified, so you can simply flip them up and use the original pedals that are underneath. You can flip them back down where the settings are already pre-set from the workshop ones which will be at the exact right position.

The mini stamp pedal extension have their own rubber foot pedal which simulates the original pedals, you can fit as the vehicle configuration. For manual vehicles you have 3 pedals including clutch, brake and accelerator pedals and for automatic vehicles you have 2 pedals including brake and accelerator.

No permanent modification to the vehicle to fit the mini stamp pedal extension, the product simply clamps onto the original pedal and sits above it in front which will reduce the reach needed to apply the force onto the pedals.

The feel of using the mini stamp pedal extension is exactly as using the original pedals. There is no give or flex between the original pedal. The extension, it is via a steel bolt that your added mini extension pedal applies a force.

Pedal extensions are suitable for shorter people, shorter stature people by helping the movement of the pedal closer to the drivers seat.

Just contact one of our lovely staff today for help on finding the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions by our lovely customers:

1- Can I use my NDIS funding to purchase this mini stamp extension pedal? 

Yes! You can certainly use your NDIS funding or plan under vehicle modification to purchase the mini stamp extension pedal. You can email us your NDIS number, DOB and full name to us for a free NDIS quote.

2- Are pedal extensions safe? 

Yes, our pedal extensions are perfectly safe and easy to use. Using the mini stamp pedal extension is just like using your normal pedals however with easier reach.

3- What are pedal extensions for? 

Pedal extensions are suitable for people who want to be closer to their pedal without moving their seat. The pedal extension is the perfect product for people with shorter stature, shorter people or smaller people. It is also suitable for pregnant people or people with other conditions.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm



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