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Electric Neck Massager a Cervical Care Traction Device

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  • Silent design
  • Airbag overcharge protection
  • Low-Frequency Impulse
  • Heating Therapy
  • Dynamic Neck Traction

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Electric Cervical Care Device Neck Massager

The age of humans with spinal diseases is getting younger and younger. The pathological changes of cervical curvature seriously affect the quality of life and relieve neck pain. It is urgent to study. The study found that the human body has a special structure of the spinal muscles. The horizontal pulling must have a rhythm, and the reciprocating motion will obtain a decompression effect. Taking badminton as an example, people who often play badminton, because of the ups and downs of the cervical vertebrae during the movement, reciprocating movement, so the cervical vertebra is not prone to problems, is the same principle. the same principle.

Our neck massager is designed according to the physiological curvature of the shoulder and neck of the human body. The 26-degree elevation arc is thrust making the product fit the neck. Hot compresses and low-frequency physiotherapy, relax the muscles. Under the premise of muscle relaxation, let the cervical vertebrae move up and down, to relieve the neck pain to a great extent.

Electric Neck Massager a Cervical Care Traction Device

Dynamic Neck Traction

Based on a microcomputer chip control system, we combine Fixed point reciprocating traction and Intelligent air pressure traction systems to release pressure from the bone gap and relieve muscle fatigue. Our neck massager achieves three different continuous round-trip lifting. The whole massager can drive stiff neck bones up to 10cm. We have three rhythmic automatic modes, namely the comfortable relaxation mode, the enhanced push-pull mode, and the active bone-and-bone mode, which can meet the requirements of different users.

Electric neck massager Medical device with heat gilani engineering

Heating Therapy

Through warm and hot compress, our neck massager can relieve muscle stiffness, make muscles relaxed and comfortable, and relieve soreness and fatigue. Intelligent constant temperature can accelerate blood flow, and remove cold and wetness in your neck. Increase heating while traction and the effect will be better.

Electric Neck Massager a Cervical Care Traction Device

Low-Frequency Impulse

Using electric pulse technology, deep into the skin 3-5 cm, directly hit the pain point, regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and relieves pain. 12-speed low-frequency massage intensity
3 kinds of low-frequency combinations, A-beat, B- acupuncture, A+B-beat, and acupuncture combination, can be adjusted according to the user’s feelings and preferences. The product quickly opens up the human body meridian through frequency conversion impact.

Electric Neck Massager a Cervical Care Traction Device

Full-body massage

External electrode patches can be applied to many other parts of the body, such as legs, back, joints, arms, etc

Safety protection

Airbag overcharge protection: Automatically stop inflating and audible reminder


ABS + PC material makes the neck feel more comfortable

Silent design

The air pump is located inside the controller, away from the human body, reducing noise and creating a more comfortable environment.


Rapid Medical disability shop gilani engineering Rapid Medical disability shop gilani engineeringElectric Neck Massager a Cervical Care Traction Device

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm


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