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Ottobock Motus XXL Manual Lightweight Wheelchair: Crash Tested

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  • Unique internal cross-brace folding mechanism
  • Convenient storage and transportability
  • 140 Kg Weight Capacity
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Integrated side panels
  • Breathable backrest upholstery
  • Weight: Approx. 13kg
  • Crash Tested

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Introducing Ottobock Motus XXL Lightweight Wheelchair: Mobility with Customised Comfort

Experience mobility redefined with the Ottobock Motus XXL Wheelchair, designed to cater specifically to individual needs. From enhanced comfort to reliable performance, this wheelchair offers:

  • Tailored customisation for optimal comfort
  • Efficient mobility solutions
  • Reliable durability for long-term use


The Ottobock Motus XXL Wheelchair boasts a range of features tailored to enhance the user experience:

Robust Folding Mechanism

  • Unique internal cross-brace folding mechanism for reliability and durability
  • Easy storage and transportability, perfect for active lifestyles

Enhanced Weight Support

  • Option for double cross brace folding mechanism, supporting up to 140kg user weight
  • Ensures stability and safety for users of varying needs

Constructed with Excellence

  • Lightweight aluminium construction for sturdy yet maneuverable design
  • Perfect balance between durability and ease of use

Protection & Comfort

  • Integrated side panels to protect clothing from wheel contact
  • Breathable backrest upholstery for comfort during prolonged sitting

Ease of Transfer

  • Optional swing-away footplates for effortless transfers and improved access
  • Supports foot propulsion for added mobility

Travel-friendly Design

  • Optional half-folding seat back for compact storage
  • Ideal for travelers seeking convenience without compromising on comfort


Frame material Aluminium
Weight from approx. 13kg (CV)
Maximum load capacity 125kg (up to 48cm seat width)
140kg (from 50.5cm seat width)
Centre of gravity adjustment 48 positions through the rear wheel adaptor
Wheel locks/brakes Knee-level wheel lock
Drum brake
Seat width 35.5 – 55.5cm
Seat depth 36 – 54cm
Overall length 83 – 111cm
Overall width 52 – 72cm with standard rear wheels and 0° camber
55.5 – 75.5cm with rear wheels with drum brake, 0° camber
Back Straight, height adjustable / 30° angle adjustable
Back height 30 – 50cm
Lower leg length 34 – 52cm


Additional information


45.5 X 46 CM, 50.5 X 46 CM


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