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Over Ring Accelerator Handytech NDIS approved Vehicle Modification 

The OVER RING accelerator is operated simply by pushing downwards the steering wheel over-ring device results in gradual acceleration. Special care and attention has been given to ergonomics and design characteristics. The innovative design, and the availability of leather upholstery in four colours, in combination with the matte black of the device, as well as the Silver or Black trim plates, allow the device to be integrated with ever more modern, and technological, vehicle interiors.

The device can be installed on the steering wheels of a variety of vehicles on the market as a result of its numerous adjustment possibilities.

Pressing the on-button after the ignition switches on the OVER RING accelerator electronic controller while switching off the original electronic foot accelerator. The latter has been designed to interface with the electronic control units of different vehicles without altering any of the functional characteristics, e.g. Cruise Control or Kick Down. To better manage the Touch during the learning stage and in the most complex driving situations, the Parking function can be activated with the help of a switch to reduce acceleration by about 50%.

The electronic part of the device (developed by the French company, SOJADIS) was designed to interface with the wide range of vehicle electric systems in the market, without the need for modifying the original accelerator or the vehicle electronic control unit.

Benefits of the over ring accelerator

The parking assist button, in combination with the automatic activation of the original kick-down, when the over ring accelerator is completely pulled towards the steering wheel, make this system unique, satisfying the driving needs of each and every user. Thanks to the care devoted to the functional components of the device as well as to its appearance and electronics, the standard safety features of the vehicle, such as airbags, steering wheel adjustments and the controls located on the steering wheel remain unchanged.

Since the Over Ring Accelerator is a standard device, it can later be transferred to a newly purchased vehicle. The vehicle to which it was first fitted can then be returned to its original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the over ring accelerator be transferred from vehicle to vehicle?

Yes! All of our over ring accelerators can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle and be taken off or placed back on if you would like to use your original brake control pedal.

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Gilani Engineering Overring Accelerator Disability Access Solution

Gilani Engineering Over Ring Accelerator Disability Access Solution

Mercedes-Benz Overring Accelerator Disability Access Solution

Mercedes-Benz Over Ring Accelerator Disability Access Solution

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm


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