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Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7


✅ Light Weight Portable Patient Transfer
✅ Heavy Duty: 100kg
✅ NDIS approved , Aged Care approved
✅ Over Toilet Aid Transfer Chair
✅ Electric Height Adjustable
✅ After Pay Available

Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

7 in stock (can be backordered)


What is the Patient Transfer Chair with Electric Height Adjustment?

The Gilani Engineering Patient Transfer Chair is one of the most unique products and on of the only products located in Australia. As Disability Equipment NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering provides the most unique and innovative products that never existed before.

Pre Christmas Sales 2021 is on Now

A patient transfer chair with Electric height adjustment has many amazing features: 

You can use the patient transfer chair in different places around the house including:

  • The kitchen
  • The living room
  • The toilet
  • Transfer from the shower
  • Your bedroom
  • In a hallway

Who would this product be suitable for?

  • Someone with low levels of strength
  • Someone with low levels of mobility
  • A carer that has low strength
  • Someone who has a shower but not a bath and cannot use a shower
  • Someone with vision issues

The Patient Transfer Chair has automatically adjusting features including:

  • Automatic Height Adjustability - Making it easy to transfer to lower places such as your couch or under the table or higher places such as your bed or over a high shower rim.
  • Non-slip feet and Safety brakes - These added safety features make sure that your wheelchair is in place and locked in when you are being bathed or when you are in the shower.
  • Swing away split backrest - To easily transfer patient from their bed by holding onto the grab rail and shuffling forward. Then the backrest is re-attached and the person is seated.

Showering with a shower bench or tub transfer bench can make showering so much more relaxing and safe. The whole point of using a shower bench is safety. If you have balance or mobility problems, then sitting down to shower is much safer than standing in a wet tub. If you have vision or pain issues, then being seated is much safer than being on your feet in a shower or tub.

The shower bench or tub transfer bench can accommodate a user who has difficulty lifting legs to get in and out of the tub in a stable, balanced position.  As a caregiver or a bather, your experience in the shower can be much safer, and therefore, much more enjoyable.

Advantages of a Tub Transfer Bench

If you don’t usually use a shower bench when showering, then consider these advantages and you may want to get one.  Consider the size of the shower stall and the height of the tub side when choosing a shower bench.  There are a variety of sizes and features available.  We recommend the kind that has a contoured plastic seat with drain holes in the seat, because they are the easiest to clean.  A backrest is good, but not necessary for everyone. Consider the balance and stability of the user when choosing one with a backrest or without the backrest. A padded seat is also comfortable, but not required.

Make Sure it’s Stable

A tub transfer bench which has adjustable non-skid legs so you can get a stable and height according to lay out of your bathroom.  Once adjusted, make sure all snap adjusters are firm and secure. The legs of the bench are made of lightweight Aluminium so the bench is lightweight and will not rust. Handles on the bench are helpful in handling the bench itself and in grabbing it when sitting down or rising.

Having your bench in a stable positioned you are ready to enter the tub. It is always best to involve an Occupational Therapist when using you bench for the first time. Contact us on 02 8740 8963 need to find one. They can evaluate the user’s abilities any determine the safes way for the user to mount the bench. Here is the normal steps required to make use of the tub transfer bench. Have a caregiver or bather assistant with you at all times.

Steps for Safe Use

  1. Stand with the bench touching the back of your legs, stable yourself by use of hand holds on bench or grab bars on wall, and sit in a slow controlled manner. Don’t “flop” down on the seat.
  2. Scoot back as far as you can with both legs still outside the tub.
  3. Lift one leg at a time over the edge of the tub. Your assistant can help you.
  4. Position yourself so that you’re seated, comfortably, all the way in the tub and you’re ready for your shower.
  5. Do not turn the Tap on or use the transfer  chair wet in the shower or bathtub as it is an electrical item and can harm you if it gets wet and you are sitting on it.
  6. After you are finished with your shower, dry your feet to prevent slipping and simply repeat the process in reverse.

Specifications of this Patient Transfer Chair:

  • Nominal voltage rated power 100W/2A - Drive mode storage battery
  • Lift range: 250mm
  • Load weight: 150kg
  • Overall dimensions: 950*600*350mm
  • N/W: 15kg
  • Internal depth: 48cm
  • Internal width: 46cm
  • Seat width: 45cm
  • Seat depth: 35cm
  • Maximum height: 67cm from the ground
  • Minimum height: 42cm from the ground
  • Insert the backrest into the pedestal spindle, power on the machine, then you can adjust the height with Up and Down buttons.
  • Press the Up and Down buttons to adjust the seat to the appropriate height and release it to stop. It will stop automatically when the machine reaches the highest or the lowest points even if the button is not released.
  • For the sake of safety, this product is designed with low—voltage power supply.


  1. After using this product for a period of time, check whether the screws of each part are loose. If there is any loosening, tighten it in time.
  2. This product uses AC low voltage power supply. If there is water on the surface of the machine, dry it with a towel. Do not rinse with water directly. Power: 100 W.
  3. Please note that this item is an electric product so please keep the electrical part dry


Electric Transfer Chair with Adjustable Height on wheels

Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7

You can use the patient transfer chair in different places around the house including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge room.

Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7

The easy swing away backrest is to easily transfer patient from their bed by holding onto the grab rail and shuffling forward

Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7

This is height adjustable which can be used for over toilets as well as different height beds, chairs and sofas

Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7

This electric chair can be used in the shower, bathroom, over the toilet and even transferring the patient between locations and different rooms around the house

Patient Transfer Chair with Electrical Height adjustment-iMOVE 7

As this electric chair is adjustable and wide, it can fit most standard people with a maximum weight capacity of 150kg







Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquires!

Frequently asked questions:


1- Can a patient transfer chair be used at home?

Yes! Most certainly, one of the useful features of this patient transfer chair is that it is lightweight, portable and has wheels to help people at home push the person anywhere they need. If you have a look at this product in the video below you can see just how useful it is and where it can be used around the house.

2- Can you shower and Bath transfer chairs?

Yes! You can certainly use Gilani Engineering patient transfer chairs in the shower or bath. Our shower chairs and bath transfer chairs are waterproof and moisture resistant. The non-slip finish and safety brakes means that our transfer chairs can be used whenever and all around the house!

3- What do you need to know about shower transfer benches?

Shower transfer benches can be used in or out of the shower. They are non-slip surfaces that allow your carer bathe you hands-free and provide you with safety, support and comfort. It is as if there is a chair for you to sit on in the shower with support if you cannot stand and shower.

4- Is it safe to shower with a shower bench?

Yes, it is safe to shower with a shower bench from Gilani Engineering as the non-slip material and strong brakes stop you from slipping and provide safety to your carer whilst they wash you.

5- Which is the best mobile shower commode chair?

Gilani Engineering offers the one and only best mobile shower commode chair on the market. This product is not only a patient transfer chair, but can be used around the house. It has an automatic lifter allowing you to transfer to numerous places in and around the home.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 87 × 58 × 33 cm


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