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Best Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals Brake & Accelerator


✅  5 year Australian Warranty
✅  RMS certifiers on site!
✅  Controlled via Cable System
✅  Transferable to your new vehicle and Universal for all cars
✅  New Beeper System is $800 to buy

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Dual Controls Pedal Kit for Driving School Vehicles: Brake and Accelerator Australian Made

Wondering about dual controls?

Well, you have come to the right place! Our RMS certified engineers and automotive experts offer you the highest quality, universal, transferrable and the latest technology in use for dual controls.

Our dual control pedal kits can be fitted with a buzzer/beeper warning system giving your students the edge during exam time. This will guide you and assist you in teaching your learners.

Help your students pass on their first go with the Buzzer/Beeper option!

When you hit the brake or accelerator, the dual control notifies everyone with a beep or buzz and it means that you have assisted your learner. During test time, your students cannot have any help from the assessor and having the buzzer/beeper installation can better prepare them for test day!

Dual Controls are an additional set of driving controls so that the primary functions of the vehicle such as the Brake, Accelerator and Clutch can be controlled by the person in the front passenger seating position.  They are used to assist Driving Instructors while teaching new and learner drivers how to drive.

The dual controls pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle. With small adaptations, you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for an MPV, jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables. The Bowden cable is fitted with a nylon liner to smoothen the use of the inner stainless steel cable that is used to pull on the original pedals.

The Dual Controls are a back-up safety function so that in case of an emergency the Driving Instructor can take control of the brake, accelerator or clutch in the vehicle to reduce the chances of the vehicle being in a dangerous situation.

These Dual Controls are cable operated where all the components of the system are kept on the inside of the vehicle.  This reduces the wear and tear and also makes it easier to service and inspect the components of the system.

They come in 4 different combinations consisting of either:

  1. Brake only
  2. Brake and Accelerator
  3. Brake and Clutch (only in house installations)
  4. Brake, Clutch and Accelerator (in house installations)

Key features of the Dual Controls include:

  • Available for Cars, Vans and Trucks
  • Quick-release pedals for easy storage
  • Universal design to suit any type of vehicle
  • Electric beeper version available to suit various state requirements
  • This product complies with the Australian Standards
  • Accessories such as blind spot and rear view mirrors available

For further information on RMS certification, car modifications or Dual Controls.


The Heavy-duty Dual Controls system suitable for driving school vehicles. Our dual control system comes with a 5 year warranty. Further, we provide installation and certification for our service, so we are your Dual Controls one-stop solution.

  • Dual controls are an extra set of driving controls so the other person can control the primary functions of the vehicle which include brake, accelerator, and clutch. They are mostly used to help driving instructors while teaching their students.
  • Our dual control is operated by cables, further all parts are kept inside the vehicle that means less wear and tear.
  • Gilani Engineering supply, install and certify dual controls.
  • Our  Cables Dual Controls kits require very minor adjustments to the vehicle.

To inquire about professional dual controls installation please contact us directly.

At Gilani Engineering we have RMS certified engineers that perform dual control installations for driving schools such as yourself and would like to develop a beneficial partnership with you.
We supply, install and certify dual controls.
The best thing about our dual controls is that unlike many dual control installations they are easily transferable from car to car allowing you to use the same dual control and save costs.
And our installations only require us to drill one single hole into the front passenger's side and that is all, no cutting involved.
Furthermore, we price match our dual control installations on all written quotes! 

What does come in our Dual Control kits?

Best Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals Brake & AcceleratorBest Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals Brake & Accelerator

Types of Dual Control Installations we perform: 
- Dual Control Accelerators
- Dual Control Clutch ( only in house installations)
- Dual Control removal/re-installation
- RMS certification
- Any of the above combination packages!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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