Automatic PoolLifter Portable Pool Person Hoist


✅ Swimming Pool Person Lifter

✅ Emergency mushroom shaped button

✅ External battery charge

✅ With DC transformer

✅ Manual lowering and lifting system in case of problems with the electric system

✅ Brake lever with electric release

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The heavy duty Automatic portable swimming pool lift is for people with disabilities and the elderly.

PoolLifter is an automatic device that can transfer people to and from pools and easy to use. The person simply sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool.

Simply operate the brake and lock in position, press the down button and the swimmer is lowered into the pool. The disability pool lift is sufficient to press the up button to lift the seat again and bring it back to the original position.

This accessible pool lift allows a person living with any disability to have access to both above and below ground spas, swimming and hydrotherapy pools, without any manual lifting.

It is suitable for use in public pools, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes and schools.

PoolLifter is a medical device that enables pool access to people with reduced mobility in a safe, comfortable and functional way.

This new aquatic lift for the pool is improved in terms of design, technology and lifting capacity (up to 140 kg). Also for the development of this model, GILANI ENGINEERING took care of ensuring all the safety levels, for both the user and the operator, which are present in all the brand devices.

Features of the PoolLifter: 

  • Starting key
  • Emergency mushroom shaped button
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • External battery charger
  • Autonomy: 80 complete cycles
  • Hydroelectric box
  • Manual lowering and lifting system in case of problems with the electric system
  • Brake lever with electric release
  • Service brake on front wheels
  • Safety front rubber stoppers
  • Painted stainless steel frame for the parts in contact with water
  • 2 point safety belt
  • Pivoting rear wheels

Specifications of the PoolLifter Pool Lift:

  • Full stainless steel body, stainless steel material with baking finish
  • Color: White
  • Lifting Capacity: 120kg
  • Gross Weight: 150kg
  • Remote Controller: YES
  • Adjustable Lap Belt: YES
  • Adjustable & removable footrest: YES
  • With DC transformer: YES
  • Input Voltage: AC110~220V,
  • Output Voltage: DC24V, which is safety working voltage for human body.
  • Power transformer: 300W
  • Can lift approx. 500mm height from the ground and can go down the water
    approx .500mm
  • Packing size: Plywood case/1300 x 655 x 655mm

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-What is the PoolLifter pool lift?

Pool lifts are assistive lifting devices designed to transfer people with limited mobility or disabilities into a pool or spa. 

2- What is a pool lift for?

The PoolLifter is designed to lower a person on a seat into the water and raise the person out of the water. It acts as a transfer bench, by having a starting and finishing position that is away from the edge of the pool and water.

3- How does a pool lift work?

pool lift works by lifting and lowering the user into and out of the water. The user sits on the lift's chair and is lowered into and out of the pool via battery power.

Product Measurements

Net Weight: 120 Kg

Overall Height: 169cm (1.69m)

Overall Width: 220cm (2.2m) (Base to Chair)

Overall Depth: 62cm


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