Rubber Mixing Machine and Rubber making equipment mixing mill


✅  High Quality Rubber Mixing Machine
✅ Glue and Rubber grain are included
✅  Industrial Mixing Equipment
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Rubber Mixing Machine and Rubber making equipment mixing mill

A Rubber mixing machine is also known as a mixing mill and is an ideal piece of manufacturing equipment for personal use or businesses in Australia.

Rubber mixing machine specifications:

  • SS201 stainless steel drum with cover
  • Blender with 4 blades
  • Mixing timer setting 0-30 minutes self-stop
  • Wheels included
  • All of Glue, Rubber powder and frames are included

Prevent inconsistencies within your rubber texture by purchasing our rubber mixing machine.

Our Rubber mixing mill has a thermo regulator to ensure that you can monitor the temperature of the rubber mixture.

This ensures that you can be satisfied with the texture of the resultant rubber.

Why do you need a rubber mixing mill?

A rubber mixer is a type of rubber mixing equipment which can be used for rubber refining a reclaimed piece of rubber. T

The operational ease and functional performance makes this mill your preferred machinery in rubber refining for refining pure and fine rubber powder from waste.

Steps on how to use a rubber mixing machine from waste:

  1. Gather all of the waste rubber that you would like to mix and repurpose
  2. Remove all rubbish and make sure it is as clean as possible
  3. Grind the rubber to fine rubber powder
  4. Then mix in the rubber powder and liquid to the desired ratio of your product
  5. Pour the mixture into the rubber mixing machine
  6. Turn on the machine and allow it to combine the mixture
  7. The thermostat will let you know what temperature the mixture is at and you will know when it is ready
  8. Once the mixture has been well combined, turn off the machine and pour the rubber into your desired mould.
  9. Ensure you are wearing full PPE so that you do not get burnt. Follow Safe Work best practise guidelines for an idea of how to protect yourself or consult with your employer.


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