Servo-Assisted Clutch – Effortless Control, Adaptive Adjustments, and Smooth Gear Changes By Handytech & Gilani Engineering

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  • Swiftly engage with a key and main switch reversal
  • Easily adjust clutch pressure with the lever
  • Smooth gear changes with a single lever press
  • Quick and full disengagement for safety
  • Adaptable riding for various conditions and loads
  • Enhanced comfort with this innovative device
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Servo-Assisted Clutch

Upgrade your motorcycle experience with our cutting-edge Servo-Assisted Clutch. This innovative device transforms your riding dynamics for a smoother and more controlled journey.

Key Features

1. Clutch Operation

The servo-assist technology takes the strain out of clutch control, offering a seamless and effortless experience for riders.

2. User-Friendly Activation

Simply insert the key, toggle the main switch, and activate the device with a press of the lever. It’s that easy to enhance your motorcycle’s performance.

3. Adjustable Potentiometer

Customize your clutch engagement with the responsive potentiometer, triggered by the lever. Adapt to different road conditions, vehicle loads, and clutch wear effortlessly.

4. Smooth Gear Changes

Shift gears smoothly with a press of the lever, providing precise control over gear engagement whether you’re accelerating or decelerating.

5. Emergency Braking Simulation

In emergencies, the system allows for quick, full disengagement of the clutch, enhancing safety and control for the rider.

6. Versatile Riding Experience

Tailor your riding experience by controlling pressure on the lever based on various factors, ensuring a comfortable and dynamic journey every time.


  • Clutch Engagement: Effortless servo-assisted technology
  • Potentiometer Control: Responsive adjustment triggered by lever pressure
  • Gear Changes: Smooth transition with a single lever press
  • Emergency Braking: Quick, full disengagement for safety
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various motorcycle models
  • User Control: Adapt to road conditions, vehicle load, and clutch wear
  • Installation: Seamless integration into the motorcycle’s clutch system
  • Versatility: Suitable for both novice and experienced riders


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