Servo-Assisted Gearbox – Smooth Shifting, Easy Control, Eco Option Available

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  • Three-position switch for easy activation in two operating modes
  • Power ON mode for downshifting and upshifting with a button press
  • Power AUTO mode allows automatic engagement
  • Available in Eco version for user customization
  • Smooth gear changes using a clutch lever and buttons
  • Offers flexibility with different modes
  • Ideal for drivers facing control challenges
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Effortless Control with Servo-Assisted Gearbox for Riding, made in Italy installed

Enjoy a new level of control with our innovative Servo-Assisted Gearbox. Engineered to overcome gear-shifting challenges, this device redefines your driving experience. Designed to empower riders of all abilities.

Key Features

1. Gear Shifting

Simplify gear changes with a three-position switch, enhancing accessibility for riders facing control difficulties.

2. Two Operating Modes

Choose between Power ON for manual control or Power AUTO for automatic gear engagement, providing flexibility for various riding preferences.

3. Downshifting

Engage first gear effortlessly by pressing the downshift button and fully squeezing the clutch lever. Release the lever to start moving.

4. Smooth Upshifting

Shift gears seamlessly by squeezing the clutch lever while pressing the upshift button, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

5. Adaptive Auto Mode

Experience hands-free riding in AUTO mode by fully engaging the brake and clutch levers. The Servo-Assisted Gearbox automatically engages first gear, optimizing your journey.

6. Eco-Friendly Option

Opt for the Eco version without AUTO mode for a simplified yet efficient riding experience, conserving energy and promoting eco-conscious commuting.

Gear up for a new era of riding comfort and control with the Servo-Assisted Gearbox – where every journey becomes a joyous ride.


  • Compatibility: Fits various motorcycle models for versatile use
  • Control Switch: Three positions for easy mode switching
  • Automatic Engagement: Effortless first-gear engagement for smooth starts
  • Adaptive Auto Mode: Hands-free riding with automatic gear engagement
  • Eco-Friendly Variant: Choose the Eco version for simplified use
  • Enhanced Safety: Integrated pressure sensor activates brake light for visibility


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