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Shower Stool Chair Lightweight GILANI ENGINEERING


Shower Stool for Balance and Stability

✅ Recommended for Seniors, Aged Cares, People With Disabilities and People With Balance and Stability Issues.

✅ Suitable for Aged care facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and your Home

Adjustable Legs Height for More Comfortable Personal Use

✅ Small Compact Build Easy for Storage and Travelling

✅ Weight Capacity: 110kgs

✅ NDIS and Aged Care Approved

Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

1 in stock


Best Lightweight Durable Shower Stool on the Market!

This aluminium shower chair is a lightweight and easy to use shower chair for elderly and is portable making it easy to use in the hospital, home, aged care or even when you travel! It is recommended for Seniors, People with Disabilities and people with balance and stability problems. This stool can be used in Hospitals, Aged care facilities, Nursing Homes and even in your own home.

Features of this Shower Stool:

  • Shower Stool
  • Lightweight
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Suction cup Legs for non slip
  • Hard Plastic Seat with three drain holes
  • Practical and easy to carry
  • Easy to store and travel with

Specifications of this Shower Stool:

  • Material: Aluminium Frame and Plastic Seat
  • Seat Length: 330mm
  • Seat Width: 480mm
  • Seat Height: 400mm-550mm
  • Seat Centre :210mm
  • Seat Centre to Edge of the Seat 210mm
  • Max Weight: 110kg
  • Seat Weight: Max 1.5kg

Other similar Products which can assist you in the shower or bath are:

Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

Shower/Stool Chair Lightweight By GILANI ENGINEERING

Shower Stool
Hard Plastic Seat with three drain holes
Practical and easy to carry Handles

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Who uses shower stools?

shower stool enables anyone who has decreased balance; physical strength or mobility difficulties to shower safely and independently while sitting. A shower stool has a seat, backrest and arms, and is usually adjustable in height.

2-What are shower stools used for?

shower stool is used for people who have difficulty standing in the shower. It provides a seat to help with balance and stability. It also provides a seat for people who can not stand up for too long. 

3- What is a bariatric shower chair?

Bariatric shower chairs are heavy-duty shower chairs that help ensure that a person whose weight is more than average is safe and comfortable in the shower. Showering can be challenging for people with excessive weight and limited mobility, but a heavy duty shower chair makes doing so much easier.

4- How do shower seats work?

Shower chairs are often made of plastic with non-rusting metal arms and legs, typically aluminium. There will be four legs in all, with feet that feature rubber caps on each. These rubber caps prevent the chair from skidding in the tub, even when the surface gets wet and slippery.

5- Should I get a shower seat?

Using a shower seat or bath chair helps to increase safety by decreasing the chance of you falling by providing a secure area in a slippery shower or bath. Shower Seats and Bath chairs are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs, the elderly, or anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult.

6- What can I use instead of a shower chair?

Shower chairs and bath seats are designed to fit most standard showers. For those with smaller showers, or use of bath tubs, a height adjustable bath stool such as this one can also be used.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 43 × 31 cm


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