Automatic stair climber chair lift for wheelchairs


✅ Stair Climber Chair 

✅ High quality aluminium alloy

✅ Suitable for people with limited mobility, the elderly, disabled, bariatric and immobile patients

✅ 160kg Loading Capacity

Can be used for hospitals, care homes, emergency centres (fire, police, ambulance), in your own home and more

✅ Long lasting durable material

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Automatic stair climber chair lift for wheelchairs

A stair climber chair is a chair lift with a built in seat which can easily transport a patient up or down the stairs without too much hassle. This motorised stair climber chair helps transfer the patient up and down the stairs easily, quickly and safely. You can use a chair lift anywhere where there is a staircase. This can be at your house, at the hospital, high rise buildings, nursing homes, aged cares and many more.

Features of the Stair Climber Chair:

  • Can be used for hospitals, care homes, emergency centres (fire, police, ambulance) and in your own home.
  • The stair climber chair can be used for high rise buildings to transfer patients up and down the stairs.
  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Ultra-wide rubber track slide system is safer and easier to transfer
  • Lift Rods in different positions can help operators of any size use electric to climb the stairs over the stairs
  • Craw track sliding system
  • User adjustable tightness

Specifications of the Stair Climber Chair: 

  • Net Weight: 35kg
  • Gross Weight: 45kg
  • Material: Aluminium and steel
  • Unfolded Dimensions ( Height x Width x Depth): 53 x 80 x 113cm
  • Folded Dimensions ( Height x Width x Depth ): 53 x 35 x 113cm
  • Package Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth ): 120 x 60 x 37cm
  • Height Adjustment 113-160cm (with three height position adjustments)
  • Seat Dimensions (Width x Length): 41 x 48cm
  • Seat Height from Ground: 50cm
  • Footrest Dimensions (Width x Length): 38 x 20cm
  • Footrest Height from Ground 18cm
  • Front Wheel: 6 inches
  • Rear Wheel: 12 inches
  • Loading Capacity: 100kg
  • Motor Output Voltage: 20-29v
  • Motor Adaptive Voltage: 110-240v
  • Motor Current: 13.8A
  • Motor Voltage: 24v

Operations method of electric stair climbing:

1. Check battery charging

Turn on the black switch when climbing the stairs electronically:

  • O means Close
  • I means Open

2. Checking Remaining Power

  • Open the switch on the panel on the control panel and the LED display is on to observe the remaining power at the speed of climbing.

3. Battery Charging Method

  • The charging port is under the main power switch and align the card plug into the charging head. The charger shows that the green light is full, and remove the charger after being full.
  • Do not cover or place other things on the charger to ensure good ventilation, do not put flammable items and explosives in the charger and battery within 3 meters. At the same time when charging the charger away from computers, mobile phones, electronic products to avoid electromagnetic interference. In addition, the charging area is best not to let the children close to the area.

4. Folding the electric climbing wheelchair

  • Put the armrest on the climbing chair up.
  • Break the red lever slot with black arrows up and close the electric wheelchair to the back.
  • When the electric wheelchair is folded up, fasten the seat belt to the front body of the electric climbing wheelchair to prevent the electric stair climber from automatically unfolding and causing injury.

5. Expanding the electric building climbing wheelchair

  • After the electric climbing wheelchair is deployed, close the seat cushion and the back. If not closed, expand in place to determine whether it is fixed in place to avoid injury.

6. Use of brakes

  • Press the brake handle and secure.

7. Adjusting the track

  • On the LED display control panel, the red button in the red box as shown, the tracks fold and expand.
  • Any angle of the track is 0-35 degrees.
  • Press the red button to allow the track to stop at any angle to accommodate the stair stretcher for remaining at different angles
  • The maximum angle should not be greater than 70 degrees

8. Control button is used

  • As shown in the red box, the button in the red box is the power key for the stair climber.
  • Press the button as shown in the figure to adjust the climbing speed of the stair climber.
  • Clean the electric wheelchair with a clean cloth or soft brush and warm soapy water, rinse with warm water. Do not use products containing bleach or phenol.

Warning 1

Do not use the electric wheelchair alone when unattended, fix in a safe position.

Warning 2

Avoid changing position quickly as this can cause harm to the user and the handle can be adjusted.

Warning 3

Improper maintenance may cause personal injury and maintain the electric wheelchair only in the method mentioned above.

Warning 4

If not used for a long time, please turn off the main switch. If not used for a long time, the battery will charge and discharge once a month, and the climbing chair battery cannot be stored in the power loss.


Automatic stair climber chair lift for wheelchairs

This stairclimber chair is controlled with an electric panel at the back of the lift

Automatic stair climber chair lift for wheelchairs

This image demonstrates how to lock and unlock the back wheels

Automatic stair climber chair lift for wheelchairs

Electric angle adjustments for safe and comfortable transfers up and down the stairs


Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How can I help my elderly go up and down stairs?

You can easily assist your elderly, or disabled loved ones up and down the stairs with a Stairlift. 

2- What is a Stairlift?

A Stairlift is a stair climber chair with a seat which can easily transport a patient up or down the stairs without too much hassle. They are also portable so you can bring it with you to places where needed.

3- Where can I use a Stair Climber Chair ?

You can use a Stair Climber Chair anywhere where there is a staircase. This can be at your house, at the hospital, high rise buildings, nursing homes and many more.

4- How do you get elderly or someone disabled up stairs?

You can easily take your patient up and down stairs with the new Stair Climber Chair! All you do is secure your patient onto the lift and send it up or down!


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