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3 Wheel Electric Scooter with 50km drive range Mobility By Gilani Engineering


✅  50km driving range without re-charging!

✅  21-30km/hr max speed

✅  150kg Maximum Capacity

✅  3 wheel electric scooter has full Australian Warranty

✅  NDIS approved

Out of stock


This 3 Wheel Electric Scooter with 50km drive range Mobility By Gilani Engineering is new arrival for everyday use with 3 wheel .

The 3 wheel electric scooter has a powerful 500W sine wave motor, with far and near LED light, LCD panel, brake light and rear turning light (blinkers) to ensure safety and style are met together. With it's blue reflection lights to the ground driving in the night it made easy. The 3 wheel scooter also boosts a remote control with lock and unlock functions from 10m away with start button light up as well as the push to start function. Integrated handle bar with low-Mid and high speed switch, light control and horn switch along with reverse switch and the brake lever that will keep you safe on a slope.


Feature and Specifications for the 3 wheel electric scooter: 

Range Per Charge: 50km

Charging Time: 6-8H

Battery: 60V 20Ah lithium battery

Drum Brakes

Hand & foot brake ensure your safety

Three speed levels

Seat height: 600mm

Max Speed: 21-30km/h

Motor: 60V 500W

Size: 1500mm x 730mm x 1000mm

Net Weight: 92kg

Max load: 150kg

Tire Size: 3.0 -8 inch

3 wheel electric Scooter Safety:

Mobility scooters have three or four wheels to a frame supporting a chair and steering wheel. Mobility scooters are also known as motorised wheelchairs, motor chairs, buggies or gophers.

Dangers arise when the rider does not have:

  • enough hand strength and movement to use the controls, and steer and turn the scooter
  • the ability to turn their head to look to the side and behind
  • enough balance when riding on bumpy or rough ground
  • the ability to sit for periods of time or to change the position of their body when going up and down inclines
  • the ability see or hear vehicles and pedestrians approaching, or the ability to correctly judge distances
  • the ability to concentrate for the entire period of the journey and to react quickly enough to stop and turn suddenly if necessary
  • the ability to exercise patience in crowded areas, such as shopping centres.

Buying tips

  • Ask the supplier to go through all the features of the mobility scooter.
  • Try the scooter out and visit our showroom before making your decision
  • Think about where you will be using your scooter the most
  • Find out the size of your boot and if you will travel a lot with it
  • Consider if you would like a foldable scooter that fits in your small house.

Safe use of your 3 wheel electric scooter

  • Read the instruction manual before using a mobility scooter.
  • Ensure you are clearly visible at all times when riding the scooter. Use lights, reflectors and install a reflective safety flag to alert motorists when crossing roads.
  • Wear a bicycle helmet at all times.
  • Slow down when near others, especially pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Use footpaths if possible. If there are no footpaths, use quieter roads.
  • Do not overload  groceries or other items, as they may affect the balance of the scooter.
  • Avoid stopping or driving on inclines greater than your scooter’s capabilities. Plan your trip and avoid uneven surfaces, dips and potholes.
  • Be aware that taking medication or alcohol may affect judgement.

Contact our lovely staff for more information today!
Gilani Engineering are proud to be Registered NDIS providers.

∗ Hire To Buy Option Available 


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Gilani Engineering is an Assistive Mobility Equipment Supplier Based in Sydney.
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