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How Does Playing Wheelchair Basketball Make You Powerful?

How Does Playing Wheelchair Basketball Make You Powerful?

Gilani Engineering’s aim is to make people feel powerful by bringing back their independence.

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basketball wheelchair
Professional Basketball Sports Wheelchair Lightweight with Removable Wheels GILANI ENGINEERING

The world of disabled sports is continuously expanding and providing people with mobility needs an opportunity for freedom and fun. Sports like boccia, powerchair football and wheelchair rugby are just the tip of the extensive range of sports and activities for people with disabilities. Wheelchair Basketball was one of the foundation sports on the Paralympic Program in Rome in 1960. Wheelchair basketball is currently hailed as the fastest growing sport for athletes with a disability.

Why was wheelchair basketball created?

The game was initiated in the late 1940s when basketball players returned from World War II to the U.S.A unable to play able-bodied basketball adapted the rules to enable it to be played in wheelchairs. It is now played in over 80 countries with over 100,00 players at all levels over the globe. As the current Paralympic and World Champions, Australia is at the forefront of wheelchair basketball’s development.

Wheelchair basketball has been around for decades and has been one of the most popular sports for people with disabilities. In Australia, the National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL) was established in 1988. Ever since then, women and men have been competing every year all around Australia to win the championship with their super lightweight wheelchair Australia.

basketball wheelchair sports by Gilani Engineering
basketball wheelchair sports by Gilani Engineering

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should consider joining basketball as a sport or hobby:

  1. Allows for the improvement of fitness and body strength

Wheelchair basketball is a productive way to adopt a fun and healthy lifestyle. By maintaining fitness and building muscle through this sport, individuals are able to create a long-term quality of life and mobility. Adopting this lifestyle and doing it on a regular basis, enables you to set aside regular time to get your heart rate up and help build muscle strength for optimum health. The sport also enables people with mobility needs to improve their upper body strength as they are constantly using their upper body to throw the ball and play the sport. Basketball has also allowed Emilio to understand his body now. “I’m a paraplegic and I have very bad waist balance. But playing this game actually helps me because I start to control my torso better and I actually understand where my balancing point is now.”

  1. Assists in maintaining a healthy weight

Playing basketball enables you to maintain a healthy weight without compromising and noticing you doing it. By being competitive and active on the basketball court, you are able to burn calories without noticing it. It also provides a healthy balance of fun and exercise. Many people believe that playing a wheelchair sport can be dangerous or rough, but in fact, it allows you to be in control. Yes, you may fall but that is what makes you try harder. Emilio Choo who is a Singaporean wheelchair basket player has said that “the falls actually toughen us up, they actually make us feel more confident and stronger in terms of our own physical capability and disability.”

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Exercising is renowned stress and anxiety relief for people. When stress from day-to-day life affects the brain, it can also impact the rest of your body from tension headaches to muscle aches. But when you exercise, your body releases endorphins – chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and also help your ability to get a good night’s sleep. In turn, playing wheelchair basketball can not only assist with your general physical ability but also your ‘mental fitness’ as well. Basketball also enables people to gain confidence by overcoming fear and uncertainty due to an individual’s condition.

  1. Being active in a social group

By joining a team sport, individuals are able to create a sense of belonging. As it provides you an opportunity to form friendships and enable you to socialise with people. Being part of a group allows a sense of rewarding feeling and helps form a bond with people.

  1. Keeps your mind active

Wheelchair basketball is a game that requires attention, understanding and problem-solving. By understanding the rules and playing on the field you are able to keep your mind active, improve alertness and concentration as well as enhance overall cognitive function.

wheelchair basketball
wheelchair basketball