How to Buy a Wheelchair in Sydney: Find Electric or Manual Wheelchairs for Sale and Learn What You Need

Electric & Manual Wheelchairs

Having limited mobility can make life difficult, but the challenges that disability comes with can often be overcome with the right kind of technology. The problem for many disabled people in Sydney is that finding such technology can prove difficult. Many do not have a thorough understanding of the products available to them, much less the companies that can produce the most effective versions of such products. As a result, people with limited ability all over Sydney may struggle to take care of basic needs such as transportation.

Find More than Just Wheelchairs for Sale in Sydney

Learning how to find high-quality Electric & Manual Wheelchairs in Sydney may not seem like an easy task, but it is, in fact, easier than most people believe. The key is to find a company that offers more than just wheelchairs. When a person decides to buy a wheelchair in Sydney from a business that also makes systems to support its use, they may find that they can improve their quality of life in many ways. Such systems might include the following:

  • Modifications for electric wheelchairs in Sydney that can adjust their size for optimal comfort and ease of use.
  • Vehicle modifications ranging from small jobs such as left foot accelerator pedals all the way to intelligent wheelchair accessibility systems that can allow users who use wheelchairs to enter or exit their vehicles more easily. Instead of just a ramp, look for a system that uses a fully automatic built-in system to lift electric wheelchairs into the vehicle.
  • Luxury and comfort upgrades to manual wheelchairs in Sydney that will improve the experience for each user.

It is also important to buy products and accessories that have been produced using top-end materials and innovative methods. That’s why companies such as Gilani Engineering are working hard to incorporate next-generation automotive technology into their disability products; including both electric and manual wheelchairs, and the products that allow them to be optimally effective. Cutting-edge Swedish engineering is blended seamlessly with reliable Australian technology to create state-of-the-art products that you can’t find elsewhere. Our all-new intelligent wheelchair access system allows electric and manual wheelchairs to be lifted easily into vehicles using next-generation actuators with built-in synchronizing computers and safety features. As a result, they outperform the requirements of the Australian Standards by no less than a factor of 300%.

Don’t Pay More for Less!

If you have ever tried to buy a Electric & Manual Wheelchairs in Sydney before, you may have noticed that the technology available to you is mostly outdated—but that the costs for it are still considerable. That’s why investing in brand new technology can be the most cost-effective decision you make. When you buy a manual or electric wheelchair from a business that puts time and care into making sure their products are at the very forefront of new industry developments, you can benefit from having a product that will make your life as convenient as possible for many years to come.


Lightweight power wheelchair with attendant handles and controller

Lightweight power wheelchair with attendant handles and controller

Foldable compact electric wheelchair with lightweight frame

Foldable compact electric wheelchair with lightweight frame


Find out more about the options available to you through Gilani Engineering. Contact one of our highly-qualified professionals at your first available opportunity and let them tell you more about how our work can make your life easier.

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