Make Your Vehicle More Wheelchair Accessible with a Conversion from Sydney’s Gilani Engineering

At Gilani Engineering, we have been involved in the automotive industry for 12 years. For six of those 12 years, we have focused on the disability industry, applying improvements to vehicles to make them more accessible and more drivable for people in wheelchairs or individuals with other disabilities. Our vehicle improvements have ranged from dual controls for automobiles to left foot accelerator pedals.

All along, we have been looking for ways to provide more impactful vehicle wheelchair conversions in Sydney. We wanted to find a way to change the game for our customers, but we weren’t sure if there was anything in our industry that hadn’t been tried yet.

We did the most logical thing we could think of: we asked our customers. From them, we discovered the biggest pain points plaguing ‘accessible’ wheelchair conversion businesses—in Sydney and throughout Australia. The first of those pain points had to do with vehicle size.

Our customers didn’t want to be restricted to using only big cars or vans for transportation. They wanted to have a wider range of vehicles at their selection, but the possibilities for vehicle modifications in the disability industry just weren’t expansive enough. As for the second pain point, we found our customers didn’t want to rely on ramps to access their vehicles. They wanted another option.

Back to the Drawing Board: Dreaming up a New Wheelchair Conversion in Sydney

With our customers’ words in mind, the team at Gilani Engineering went back to the drawing board and started looking for ways to reimagine the idea of an accessible wheelchair conversion. We wanted to create a system that was easy to use and could give freedom back to people in wheelchairs. In short, we aimed to solve the pain points that had been plaguing our industry.

As it turned out, simply listening to what our customers told us was one of the best decisions we could have made as a business. To eliminate ramps and build something that could be used in smaller vehicles as well as larger ones, we designed a fully automatic built-in system. The design eliminates ramps from the equation, instead acting as a lift mechanism that gets customers into their vehicles more safely and more comfortably. We fully believe this innovation will be a game-changer in the wheelchair industry—not just because it solves widely-held pain points for folks in wheelchairs, but also because there is no comparable design anywhere in Australia.

Make Plans for Your Vehicle Conversion Today

Are you interested in getting an accessible vehicle conversion in Sydney to render your van or car more wheelchair-friendly? Are you tired of systems that require you to use cumbersome ramps? Are you ready to try a brand-new innovation? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Gilani Engineering can help. To learn more about our ramp-free vehicle wheelchair conversions in Sydney, or to schedule your own conversion, give us a call today.

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