Ready-to-Buy, Never-Before-Seen Manual and Electric Wheelchairs Now Available for Sale in Adelaide

Most people who rely on a wheelchair hope to be as self-reliant and mobile as possible using their chosen mobility device. That ideal device may vary depending on the user and their individual circumstances, and much of the equipment currently available on the market comes with significant drawbacks and limitations. That is why Gilani Engineering is designing and producing electric and manual wheelchairs, now available in Adelaide, with features that help those with disabilities get more out of life.

What Matters Most When Buying a New Wheelchair

The decision to buy a wheelchair should be weighed against several factors. These include what is covered by NDIS or other eligible funding if you don’t plan to buy out-of-pocket, which underlying medical conditions are present, age and degree of disability, and your desired lifestyle and activity level.

While most electric wheelchairs available in Adelaide offer greater convenience and can provide a renewed sense of independence for those who lack the upper body strength to maneuver a manual chair, they are not as transportable, and usually cost more than their manual counterparts. Manual wheelchairs are normally lighter in weight and may be used for more varied terrain types but may not be the perfect fit for everyone’s mobility goals. Ultimately, the decision to buy a chair is a personal one, and no matter what suits your style, you deserve to be provided with as many options as possible to use your new chair both comfortably and conveniently.

Gilani Engineering offers both manual and electric wheelchairs alongside other innovative options for disability transport and assistive equipment. We are a certified NDIS and VSCCS provider, and many of our products can be found nowhere else in Australia, such as our self-balancing off-road wheelchairs and our exciting line of automatically folding manual chairs. Additionally, we provide unique vehicle conversions, including a brand-new ramp-less automatic wheelchair conversion that will drastically improve transport options for wheelchair-reliant Australians countrywide.

Reasons to Consider Gilani Engineering before You Buy a Wheelchair in Adelaide

Gilani Engineering is an industry leader when it comes to wheelchair and mobility technology. Our revolutionary designs are changing the face of disability in Australia, from our jaw-dropping soon-to-be-unveiled vehicle wheelchair conversion technology to our one-of-a-kind A6P manual off road electric intelligent self-balancing wheelchair that puts more of Adelaide within reach for those living with a disability. These, along with our full range of wheelchairs for sale in Adelaide, represent some of the best new tech that is emerging in this space.

What else will the future hold for improving the lives of people with disabilities? With recent advancements and the rapid pace of change, almost anything is possible, and Gilani Engineering will continue to push the cutting edge of wheelchair and vehicle conversion technology. No matter what comes next, we will remain dedicated to listening to the needs of customers and providing them with the highest quality, best-performing mobility devices and equipment available.

If you are interested in learning more about our full range of products, or would like to know more before you buy a wheelchair available from us in Adelaide, feel free to contact Gilani Engineering at any time. Our team is dedicated to helping you get more of what you want out of life, one device at a time.

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