Smart and Power-Driven Wheelchairs Reduce the Human Input Significantly

Gilani Engineering knowledge of the disability aid industry

It consists of an integrated team of personnel having industrial as well as sound academic linkages to put the latest technological research into action by fabricating smart and innovative prototypes for better and comfortable user experience.

This broad range of diversity has enabled Gilani Engineering to introduce numerous disability aid products in the market that is a true depiction of customer needs and expectations when it comes to buying modern, power-driven wheelchairs.

We at Gilani Engineering not only focus on fulfilling the customer needs regarding automation of the wheelchair but ergonomics is also taken up as a priority in designing and fabricating the latest motorised wheelchairs to provide our customers with a seamless experience like never before.

Power wheelchairs and Disability scooters provide significant Disability aid to move around for people with limitations to natural mobility or to those to whom walking has become an issue over the course of their age of unfortunate events. They allow users to enjoy a greater degree of assistance by enabling them a free movement to work, social gatherings, community events, and adventures.

With the provision of consideration for assistive needs, modified vehicles have also been manufactured or customised with a wheelchair passenger or driver-seat provision to incorporate for their special mobility assistance needs. These considerations have had proven effects on the lives of said people in terms of psychological and physical health and an overall blooming in their quality of lives.

Although motorised wheelchairs have changed the idea of conventional wheelchairs, it does not imply that anyone with mobility impairment can use these assistive wheelchairs or scooters just like that. For instance, some new models of power scooters require strong manual handling skills to operate them.

Similarly, some models require the ability of the user to maintain a good balance in order to drive these assistive vehicles without any risks. Rarely, very few parts of Australia like Queensland also require the registration of such vehicles however, it is free in most parts of Australia. Queensland itself offers free registration for owning disability aid vehicles as long as there is a dire and genuine need for owning one.

Smart and power-driven wheelchairs reduce human input significantly. There is no need for manually driving the wheelchair although the option remains there in case the user runs out of battery for power input. While it has ergonomic design considerations, it also enables the users to enjoy independent outdoor roadside travels.

A fully charged battery lasts for a longer period of time and since they are not categorised as roadside vehicles, one can always drive their mobility scooter or wheelchair on pedestrian areas.

In this way, smart assistive vehicles have increased the range of disability aid and freedom as one can perform simple activities as reaching out for a shelf too as dependent activities as going to a nearby grocery store to fetch some stuff. Advance and innovative wheelchairs come with a variety of features for additive ease and comfort of the user.

An adjustable seat helps to increase or decrease the seating platform of the wheelchair which allows the user to reach for the items on shelves at height. Similarly, reducing the seat level lets the user adjust his/her chair on a dining table or a conference table accordingly. Quick and fast manoeuvre lets the people driving these vehicles to take sharp turns around the corners with much ease and comfort.

They provide support disability aid to the upper limbs and core muscles by eliminating the fatigue or strain associated with manual driving of a wheelchair. The latest wheelchairs come with a built-in installation of the suspension system. It allows the users to maintain a stable and streamlined movement regardless of any bumps or dips on the way.

Not only this, but it also provides a smoother ride for long routes letting the user stay comfortable in their seats and keep them free of any physical strains which come with riding over uneven or bumpy terrains.

A firm grip to steer the levers or joystick is a prerequisite for driving these vehicles. The right balance helps you to stay upright when riding over sloppy grounds or down a hill. While driving a mobility scooter, you need to be able to quickly and correctly swap between using the accelerator and brake while steering at the same time.

The ability to know how fast you are going and to judge the distances of objects, people, or vehicles can help you avoid a crash. You must be able to see correctly to avoid crashing into obstacles, people, and vehicles.

In the nutshell, smart motorised wheelchairs with a number of added features such as power input, personalised height adjustment, head and footrest, easy maneuver and shock-resistant base have changed the lives of people with limited mobility independence in terms of both the freedom of movement as well as personal comfort. A perfect combo for an outdoor experience.

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