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14 December 2020
Sydney, NSW
Positive feedback for Gilani Engineering


17 March 2020
Melbourne, VIC
"Thank you very much Maria,
I'm sure I'll be getting all my future NDIS needs from you where you are able to supply me.
I'll keep referring people to your business whenever I meet someone who is interested in my wheelchair.
Thanks again for the way my life has opened up in being able to get around in my new wheelchair."


4 May 2020
Sydney, NSW
"Exceptional customer service from my first appointment with Ray & my OT. 

My OT was extremely impressed with the range of wheelchairs & both of us were pleasantly surprised to be able to see all the extras I required were readily available in stock. Great to see an Australian designed & made wheelchair. Any further equipment I need in the future I'll know where to come. Credit must also go to Krystal for chasing my delivery that went astray through NO fault of their company. 

100% a professional company that knows how to put their customers first. I can HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Gilani Engineering for all your disability needs."


10 March 2020
Sydney, NSW
"I am happy to confirm that we are satisfied with the changes, more importantly, the changes along with the overall bathroom modifications work very well for Lauren. She is now able to access the bathroom independently so the changes achieved the objective of giving Lauren a lot more independence. As discussed, the selected vanity is much easier for Lauren to use and the standard toilet allows for extra space and access for Lauren within the bathroom.

On behalf of Lauren, Nicole and I we thank you for your hard work on this project, it has made a significant difference for Lauren."


3 January 2020
Sydney, NSW
"I highly recommend Gilani Engineering. 

I'm extremely happy with the quality of their work. Ray's excellent problem solving helped my unique needs. I received a combination of engineering modifications (driver's seat) and installing pre-made devices (steering wheel). 

Ray also provides great help with navigating red tape, completing certification, compliance and liaising with an Occupational Therapist when required. Ray's communication is commendable, always taking calls and replying to emails quickly."

Garth & Elizabeth

25 October 2019
Sydney, NSW
"My wife and I would like to say thank you for your assistance and expert reports in our endeavour to obtain a satisfactory
outcome in relation to the problems encountered to most of the suspension. The problems had been ongoing for the best
part of 3 years and the last year we could not use the caravan at all due to these problems.
Without your reports we believe that the Chassis Manufactures would have continued to deny their responsibilities.
Thank you again."


14 December 2019
Sydney, NSW
"Thank you Ray for your customer support, it means a great deal to me coming from your technical team.

Have a lovely Christmas guys and a Happy New Year for 2020. Cheers"


23 September 2019
Melbourne, VIC
“Hi Ray,

After picking my chair up on the Friday we had a great
weekend with our son, daughter-in-law and our gorgeous
granddaughter. On the Saturday I was able to go independently go
on 'walks' with them. The chair is coping very well and meeting my needs to explore really well.
The only request/suggestion/challenge for you would be if you could
design a bracket that would go on the back of the chair. I had a very good NDIS planning meeting with a very helpful consultant.
I'm really anticipating being able to join in more and freeing my husband to wander off when he wants too. Thanks again for what you are doing to help improve so many lives."


2 October 2018
Sydney, NSW
"Hi Ray
After a few months using my folding wheelchair, I couldn’t be happier .
The modifications you made to the arms have been awesome.
Has made the chair very comfortable the chair itself is just great so easy to use and runs like a dream it has made my life so much more enjoyable
Being able to just fold it and put it in the boot has opened many more doors and being light enough for my wife to lift it in and out is a real boon.
I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have been both before purchase BUT mainly after sales many companies say nothing is too much trouble.
You and your company don’t just say it you DO IT. 

So many many thanks again"

Please do not hesitate to contact with your feedback and advice. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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