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TGA Certified Electric Wheelchair Available now for $2990!

Hire a wheelchair TGA Certified heavy duty compact foldable electric wheelchair lightweight chair

TGA Certified Air Hawk Electric Wheelchair Available now for $2990!

Are you looking for a reliable, intelligent Electric Wheelchair?

Are you looking for a mobility aide that is lightweight, foldable, heavy duty?

Are you looking for a motorised wheelchair that you can get from a recognised exclusive Australian distributor that is also TGA certified?

Well, look no further as Gilani Engineering is a specialised Registered NDIS provider for mobility equipment and has an electric wheelchair that ticks all the right boxes!

But firstly, what is TGA Certification?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods. They carry out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard to ensure that the Australian community has access to therapeutic advances within a reasonable time. The TGA is a body run by the Australian Government through the health department.

Therapeutic goods can comprise many things, such as bandages, pregnancy testing kits, herbal remedies, tissue grafts and paracetamol. They generally fall under three main categories:

  • Medicines – including prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines, such as paracetamol and echinacea
  • Biologicals – something made from or containing human cells or tissues, such as human stem cells or skin
  • Medical devices – including instruments, implants and appliances, such as pacemakers and sterile bandages

The TGA also regulates what are known as other therapeutic goods (OTGs), which include items such as tampons and disinfectants.

Even the Covid-19 Vaccines have had to go through and receive some TGA certification before they are administered. Gilani Engineering’s Air Hawk is also TGA Certified.

But what else makes this TGA-certified electric wheelchair so unique?

Now Available in 5x different colours – TGA certified 
Lightweight, Foldable, Powerful, Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Air Hawk
With a maximum capacity of 180KG and lightweight at 25 KG without batteries, this is one of the most versatile power chairs on the market.
Lightweight, Foldable, Powerful, Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Air Hawk
Gilani Engineering is proud to be EXCLUSIVE Australian Distributors of this beautiful electric wheelchair.  8740 8963 to receive a quote!
Air Hawk Electric Wheelchair NDIS approved TGA certified
The Air Hawk comes in 5 different unique colours; since we are an exclusive Australian distributor, we have many different colours, including
Lightweight, Foldable, Powerful, Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Air Hawk
This Wheelchair is certified by TGA (the administration of the Therapeutic goods Australia), the same body that has approved the COVID-19 Vaccine.

TGA Certified Air Hawk Electric Wheelchair

THE NEW AIR HAWK is the most adjustable, customisable wheelchair and RE-PROGRAMMABLE Electric wheelchair in the world, 

It is also now TGA certified

Our Air Hawk electric wheelchair is one of the best on the market for several reasons, but what might they be?

Foldable + Airline Friendly (MSDS certificate available)

One of the Lightest Weight Electric Wheelchairs (23Kg NET)

Heavy Duty (180kg max capacity)

Extra Wide Seat Option (65cm)

Easily foldable central footplate

Flip up the armrest for easy access

Contact us for a free quote on 02 8740 8963

We are proud to announce

The Air Hawk Electric Wheelchair has over 10 000+ happy users!

We proudly announce that Gilani Engineering is the Exclusive Australian Distributor for this product.

That makes it the most affordable folding electric wheelchairs Australia on the market, and you cannot get it anywhere else in Australia (or the world) for the same price. Better yet, now it is on SALE for a limited time only!