The Best NDIS Service Providers in Sydney

NDIS is an Australian Government initiative that aims to provide additional support to Australian citizens below the age of 65.

NDIS Service Program:

This program is centred to motivate and increase the life quality of those people by ensuring better access to NDIS funding. There are a large number of NDIS service providers which the eligible citizens have the freedom to choose from to seek guidance, assistance and support. NDIS program allocates financial resources to these eligible citizens for a variety of everyday purposes. all of which aim to increase the quality of life for instance by enabling them to better cope with their mobility impairment issues and helping them increase their degree of freedom. Gilani Engineering is an Australia based mobility aid product company that offers dedicated NDIS services to eligible Australian citizens. Gilani Engineering provides high-end quality mobility tools and services to optimize the physical independence of physically challenged people. Gilani Engineering, an approved NDIS service provider, is playing its role to participate in the efforts to facilitate the elderly Australian citizens requiring additional support and help to improve their quality of lives which otherwise may not be possible for them. We aim to provide the latest technology, the highest quality and outstanding service to all our clients. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of assistive technology products and a variety of support services all across Australia.

Gilani Engineering is a team of academic experts, industrially trained personnel, occupational therapists OT and mechanic engineers who work hand in hand to offer the best NDIS services not only in Sydney but all across Australia. The NDIS services offered by Gilani Engineering are being trusted by its dear customers since the products are robust, services are efficient and customer representatives are empathetic towards our clients. The diversity within our team and the systemic approach towards addressing the needs of our clients have enabled us to establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

As far as the NDIS support is concerned, there are three different core levels that are being covered under the NDIS scheme to help Australian citizens live a better quality of life regardless of their disability of any kind. These three cores supporting areas can be classified as:

- A support that helps a participant complete daily living activities.

- A support for an investment, such as assistive technologies, equipment and home or vehicle modifications or funding for capital costs (e.g. to pay for Specialist Disability Accommodation)

- A support that helps a participant build their independence and skills.

Gilani Engineering being one of the best NDIS service providers in Sydney dedicated assistance and support to the citizens to help them yield the benefits out of the NDIS scheme. Support and services at Gilani Engineering address all three major areas as discussed above. Gilani Engineering provides assistance with daily life by offering a wide range of accessibility products and assistive equipment. Gilani Engineering offers home modification products that render your living experience at your own house utterly unique and assistive. Our dedicated builders create and provide quotes for home modifications in order to make living and independence at home a breeze. Grab rails and associated ramps are installed to provide additional support and balance and to ensure the safety of everyone moving in or out of the house respectively. Similarly, anti-slip floors can also be structured using the NDIS services offered here at Gilani Engineering. Apart from the home modification products and services, Gilani Engineering is also a proud retailer of the latest mobility products like electric wheelchairs, motorized scooters, standing wheelchairs and assistive cars. Additionally, under the same NDIS program, Gilani Engineering offers guide and support in decision making with the help of occupational therapists; OTs and further assistance is undertaken in the light of the report drafted by OTs. Clients who are self-managed usually get in touch with us directly either to purchase assistive equipment or vehicle modifications with an occupational therapist’s report.

Gilani Engineering finds immense pleasure to be one of the best NDIS service providers in Sydney, Australia. Shall you be interested or find yourself eligible to register for the NDIS program, you can reach out to us and Gilani Engineering will handle it for you.

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