The New and Improved Airwheel that everyone is talking about at Gilani Engineering

airwheel wheelchair auto folding

Don’t settle for less with Gilani Engineering’s new and improved Airwheel range.

The new Airwheel wheelchairs are top of the range when it comes to an assistive mobility aid in the Australian market.

The Airwheel wheelchair for sale at Gilani Engineering allows customers and people with limited mobility to take back their freedom and independence. The super Foldable wheelchair for travel is designed by highly skilled engineers that have innovated and advanced the way we see a wheelchair. It provides efficiency, due to its easy fold and goes wheelchair design with a 2-second fold. When it comes to wheelchair companies, Gilani Engineering is the go-to for the Sydney region due to its profound reputation for innovative engineers that provide quality and efficiency. Not only does Gilani Engineering provide wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices but we also provide home modifications and vehicle modifications. The intelligent controller on the handlebar includes all basic functions, accelerating, decelerating, lighting, horns and folding, unfolding. The direction is controlled by the joystick, which enables the wheelchair user to rely less on their caregiver.

Auto folding lightweight Airwheel wheelchair

When was the first wheelchair invented?

The first-ever design for a self-propelled wheelchair was invented in 1655 by a paraplegic clockmaker from Germany.

How has the wheelchair changed over time?

During the 20th century, the wheelchair changed dramatically from only having self-propelled wheelchairs to an electric wheelchair. Many engineers have worked on the improvement of a wheelchair, in the 1980s mobility aid companies started using lighter materials for easy travel which allowed for the first lightweight wheelchair – the Quickie.

Now, during present times there are many different versions, styles, colours, uses for the wheelchair.

The Airhwheel for sale in Australia has revolutionised the way people view the chair for a handicapped person. The ability wheelchair is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control system which enables the movement, folding and lighting of the intelligent electric lightweight wheelchair. It can help users to ride and store it on their own, with a higher degree of freedom. The Slimline Airwheel wheelchair also comes with an Airwheel app which can be used to control it through the mobile phone. It is the same control option as the Bluetooth remote control and smart controller.

Auto folding lightweight Airwheel wheelchair

The Airwheel is a piece of medical equipment adopts an electric folding design. It only needs to control one button, and the body can be automatically unfolded and folded without laborious folding. It is especially suitable for people who have difficulty walking and can also bring convenience to the caregiver.

Safety is extremely important no matter which product. The power wheelchair uses the EABS electromagnetic brake. When the handle is released, it will brake immediately. Even on the slope, it can guarantee the parked state without slipping. When reversing, the horn will automatically sound a warning tone to remind surrounding passers-by and vehicles to avoid it in time. The rear side is also designed with a multi-functional anti-dumping wheel, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from falling over when going up and down and backwards and can also be used as an arm brace when folding.

The Electric chair has been registered and approved by the “Medical Device Database” in Italy and Poland etc. To ensure only the best quality and reliance is demonstrated to customers. The washable thick cushions are breathable as well as comfortable for the best support when sitting on a wheelchair for a certain period of time. The Airwheel H3S weighs 33 kg including the battery and the H3PS weighs 21kg including the battery.

An Airwheel alternate can be the GED09 which is sold exclusively by Gilani Engineering. The GED09 comes with The D09 offers a light-weight frame without compromising on strength and has a sleek and modern feel making it enjoyable to use. The D09 can be used with confidence in many Leitner landscaping conditions; knowing you can rely on it without failing to serve its purpose. That is why this aid care product is famous due to its unique features widely used all over the world as an E Transport Traveller Scooter to find their Path of Travel to ease Mobility options. This Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight With Extra Wide Seat option known as GED09 is one of the most ergonomic, heavy-duty foldable electric wheelchair on the market with easily foldable foot and armrest ensuring flexibility and comfort.

Where can I buy a wheelchair?

You can purchase the Airwheel or other products such as electric wheelchairs for sale, manual/ self-propelled wheelchair, scooters, walking frames, recliners chairs, ramps, handrails and many more! We also offer home modification and vehicle modification services. You can purchase or enquire through Airhweel eBay Gilani Engineering, our website or simply googling Gilani Engineering.

Can you hire wheelchairs?

Simply choose from our wide selection of wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, mobility travel scooters, walkers, rollators, ramps and rehabilitation equipment. (Excluding hygienic products such as All mattresses, Air Overlay Mattress, All Cushions and Commode Chairs.)

We understand that every person’s needs are unique. Feel free to give us a call on 02-8740 8963 or send us an enquiry via the form to the right or email us on for more information.

At Gilani Engineering we understand that equipment hire is a great option for many of our customers. Customers of Gilani Engineering enjoy access to the largest and most modern of rental disability equipment in Australia.