The top 3 best NDIS wheelchair vehicles in Sydney NSW

What are the top three best NDIS Wheelchair Vehicles in NSW?

Are you looking for a NDIS vehicle modification and wondering what the best vehicle is for your NDIS car modifications?

Well, you have come to the right place because at Gilani Engineering we understand that the best vehicles for accessible vehicle modifications depend on your NDIS budget, your needs and lifestyle.


But what are the top 3 NDIS wheelchair vehicles in Australia?

  1. Honda Odyssey
  2. Kia Carnival
  3. Volkswagon Transporter


Generally, different vehicles can be recommended depending on whether your requirements fall in the following categories:

  • Driving solutions: Driving solutions are devices that are installed inside the vehicle to make it easier for the driver to use their vehicle. This type of NDIS car modifications are suited for people that want to drive but require some adjustments inside the car so they can easily access the steering wheel, clutch, handbrake, foot brake or other necessary controls in order to be able to safely drive themselves. Wheelchair users are likely to benefit from these NDIS wheelchair vehicles.

Lodgesons Hand Controls

Lodgesons Hand Controls with a keypad to help you access your

  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility
R210/ R213/ R213 + lights lodgesons keypad range

Lodgesons keypad vehicle modification can provide access solutions for anyone.

Lodgesons Lollipop steering control to help you steer.


Lodgesons Lollipop grip steering aide

Lodgesons lollipop grip is an ideal disability vehicle modification for individuals with upper limb mobility

Lodgesons Standard steering knob also to help you steer your NDIS vehicles

Lodgesons Steering Ball grip

Lodgesons high quality Steering Ball Grip allows its user to tilt and rotate the keypad as they are driving providing a suitable vehicle access solution

Ring Accelerators

Over ring Accelerator - helping you accelerate without needing to use legs or feet! This accelerator has a ring over the steering wheel so you would use your fingers to squeeze it towards the steering wheel.

Over ring accelerator vehicle modification

Disability vehicle modifications such as the over ring accelerator is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb ability

Under ring Accelerator - helping you accelerate without the use of feet or legs! This accelerator has a ring under the steering wheel so you would use your fingers to pull it towards yourself.

Under Ring Accelerator Vehicle Modification

Disability Access Under Ring Accelerator Solution

Push brake and Accelerator

Manual Push brake and Electronic Accelerator

Manual Push Brake & Electronic Accelerator

Gilani Engineerings are experts in disability car conversions. Our RMS certifiers on site will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy once you leave our workshop.

This manual push brake is handy as it means you can control the brake and accelerator with a lever. This driving solution is suitable if you have difficulty accessing your brake and accelerator with your foot.

Electric Accelerator

The touch evo accelerator makes it easy to touch and go! Use your thumb to control the accelerator for a fantastic driving solution

Left Foot accelerators 

Left foot accelerators are ideal for drivers that cannot use a dual foot accelerator/ brake system. They can only use one foot. Not all NDIS wheelchair vehicles can fit all left foot accelerators. Some left foot accelerators can be flipped up and away and bought back down whenever necessary. Some left foot accelerators must be installed permanently without the ability to decide if you want to use either one if other people use your car on a regular basis. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you have the right NDIS wheelchair vehicles.

Left Foot Accelerator Flip Up model

Left Foot Accelerator Flip Up model


Accessible vehicle modification


Honda Odyssey 2nd Row Conversion Fully Automatic Rear Access Ramp

The 2nd row conversion with a fully automatic rear access ramp is designed to have the option of either having one wheelchair or two. This is due to the second row of seats being modified so that you are able to sit comfortably with your family with plenty of room and space.

For freedom and total mobility the best NDIS wheelchair vehicles are...

Here at Gilani Engineering we have a range of different lifts, access ramp installations and a wide range of NDIS vehicle modifications to suit you! Our team of expert engineers can create all custom made solutions for you. Just contact us on 02 8740 8963 to arrange a vehicle inspection and determine the best modification for you.

Transfer Solutions

Gilani Engineering has a range of transfer solutions to choose from or we can create a custom made solution for you. Transfer solutions such as the Turny Evo programmable swivel seat, Handy lift Person Lifter or electric step board access solution are the best products to help you get in and out of your vehicle a lot more easily!

Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Handylift Person Lifter Gilani Engineering

Handylift Person Lifter Gilani Engineering

Electric Vehicle Access Board Solution

Buy an electric vehicle step access board from NDIS providers Gilani Engineering


NDIS wheelchair Vehicles

Wheelchair car conversions are ideal for individuals that want to use their wheelchair in their car as a car seat.

Gilani Engineering is known for its car conversions in Sydney and all over Australia

Gilani Engineering is known for its car conversions in Sydney and all over Australia

Contact Gilani Engineering on 02 8740 8963 to speak to one of our expert engineers about NDIS vehicles or transfer solutions.


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