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Top 2 Hoist for Patients and their Wheelchairs in Australia

Top 2 Patients Hoist in Australia

Patient care is the topmost priority for those engaged with health and social care services in Australia. The care and support staff leave no stone unturned to make things comfortable and relaxing for the patients.

Healthcare providers use the latest machinery and equipment to help people get in/out of bed, access transportation, and other lifting processes. Patients hoist in Australia are the best alternative to traditional lifting methods.

Top 2 Patients Hoist in Australia

Hoists are the most reliable and safer method for a better transition when used carefully. In addition, the risks of falling injury, muscle pull, and accidents are also reduced with the use of hoists.

Without wasting much time, let’s discuss in detail the top 2 patients hoist in Australia.

1. Solax Portable Boot Hoist– Portable Boot Hoist for Wheelchairs and Scooters

You won’t find a better deal than this portable boot hoist for those searching for an easy and convenient tool to transfer electric wheelchairs or scooters in your car.

Gone are the days of back strain when transferring a wheelchair into your car because this hoist can hold up to 30kg weight. The Solax portable boot hoist is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, making heavy lifting super-easy for caregivers.

It works perfectly well with a battery-powered scooter or wheelchair. Or, one can purchase an extra battery for a manual wheelchair.

Solax portable boot hoist is quick and easy to set or fold and rightly fits in the boot of your car. It comes with wheels that make it easy to handle, and there are breaks to stabilize the hoist when in use.

For carers looking for a portable boot hoist for wheelchairs and scooters to assist the elderly or people with disabilities, this is going to be the best deal overall. Go for it!

Top 2 Hoist for Patients and their Wheelchairs in Australia

2. Patient Hoist Portable Lifter

Repositioning the patients from one room to another can be difficult for the carers. Getting out of bed, moving to a bathtub, or transferring to a short distance can be complex. That’s when the patient hoist portable lifter comes to the rescue. This fantastic mechanical device works best to lift someone safely and move to the desired position.

Such lifting equipment is essential for aged, non-weight bearers, senior care, residents with a disability, or hospital patients. These easy-to-use machines make everyday tasks trouble-free for caregivers.

The Patient Hoist Portable Lifter easily holds up to 185kgs of weight and rotates 3600 for easy positioning. It has a user-friendly hook design, making it easy to operate. The process is smooth, quiet, and easy, providing the utmost comfort and convenience to the patients and the carer.

This lifter is made of superior quality steel with powder coating, making it a must-have mechanical device for the aged care hospital homes and disability industry. It also has high-strength wheels (casters) with brakes for safe and secure operations. This lifter works with power, but it can be operated without electricity during emergencies.

Top 2 Patients Hoist in Australia

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Hoists are crucial for hospitals and care homes to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience to those in need. Patient hoists are a great support to those being cared for. The handling equipment makes moving easy and safe for safe users and carers.

With the latest tools and equipment, healthcare organizations can ensure patients’ safety remains paramount.

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