What are the top 5 Manual wheelchair in Sydney NSW in 2021?

Foldable manual Wheelchair adjustable armrest footrest calf support

What are the top 5 Manual wheelchair in Sydney NSW in 2021?

Are you looking for a simple but good quality manual wheelchair that does not break the bank? Well, you have come to the right place,

Gilani Engineering Expert team are highly experienced with mobility equipment and are your trusted NDIS Registered disability equipment providers. Our team of allied health professionals, builders, engineers and care staff are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with mobility limitations and assisting them in finding the most suited manual wheelchair enabling them to regain their well-deserved freedom and independence!

Top 5 manual wheelchair in Sydney NSW

     5. Fully Adaptable Foldable Wheelchair With Adjustable Leg Support 


This manual wheelchair is the most adjustable manual wheelchair on the market! From adjustable leg rests and arm rests to the seat height and depth, everything on this wheelchair can be adjusted to suit you. No matter your height, weight or any disability, this wheelchair is perfect for everyone and can be tailored to your unique needs! 

The Adaptable Wheelchair has double crossbars making this wheelchair more heavy duty and rigid than any regular manual wheelchair. The armrests are very customisable. They can be height adjusted, flipped up for easy access, and completely removed. This product can be self-propelled with the use of the comfortable hand rings enabling you to

Our Heavy duty foldable wheelchair with adjustable leg support is an excellent product to help you regain your freedom and independence.

ADAPTABLE Manual Wheelchair with adjustable and removable leg rests
The Adaptable manual wheelchair is fully customisable and has tilting leg rests which can be removed

     4. Bariatric Wheelchair with Removable leg rests Foldable 180kg weight capacity

Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Heavy Duty Mobility Aids and buy from a disability shop
Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Heavy Duty Mobility Aids and buy from a disability shop
This heavy duty reinforced carbon steel frame wheelchair has a weight capacity of 180kg, making it heavy duty and durable, suitable for individuals requiring more room. With swing away leg rests, a padded cushion seat, removable backrest cushion, double embossed vinyl upholstery and extra width it is an ideal bariatric wheelchair providing users with extra comfort and support.

      3. Designed leisure wheelchair lightweight foldable Aluminium Alloy-INVENTWHEELS

The Inventwheels sleek and sporty frame and beautiful blue coloured vinyl upholstery and comfort cushion make it an ideal wheelchair for teens and young adults. Some of the key features of this lightweight aluminium frame wheelchair include the easy to use quick release buttons from both back wheels enabling you to disassemble the wheelchair easily and making storage a breeze. The comfort cushioning in the seat, compact, stylish and ergonomic design make it an ideal casual wheelchair to use on many various outings. The Inventwheels come with a storage bag from the backrest and are equipped with anti-tipping wheels, adjustable footpads, mobile phone pockets all encased in a high quality wheelchair.

Heavy duty manual wheelchair Sydney has different colours now
Heavy duty manual wheelchair Sydney has different colours now

     2. Leisure Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair Suitable for Teens and Adults Gilani Engineering

This Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair is featuring high-performing technology and ergonomics which is ideal for both amateur or competitive sporting competitions to excel in your daily activity and your game with superb driving capability, speed, and control. The comfort cushioning in the seat can also be removed prior to folding, making this highly compact, stylish and ergonomic. The large wheels and comfort grip enable self-propelling of the wheelchair making it easy, fast and convenient to use. Dissemble of this wheelchair is fast and efficient with quick release buttons, making this heavy duty, durable and strong wheelchair small, lightweight and compact with storage.

Leisure SportManual Wheelchairs Australia
Leisure Sport Manual Wheelchairs Australia

    1. Lightweight Compact Manual Wheelchair – ONLY $329

Simple manual pushchair self propelled manual wheelchair with attendant carer hand brake
Simple manual pushchair self propelled manual wheelchair with attendant carer hand brake

If you are looking for a simple, light-weight, yet durable wheelchair as a mobility aid for anyone to use, it would be our lightweight compact wheelchair. This wheelchair comes in both orange and blue and with its soft cushion and durable lightweight aluminium frame, is one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market, weighing under 10Kg.

This wheelchair offers a smooth and easy ride, reducing the manual load and effort from the carer, and the large wheels and hand rings make it ideal for self-propelling. It is equipped with hand brakes that can be controlled by the person pushing as well as wheel brakes controlled by the user.

This durable mobility aid has a folding backrest and can easily be folded in 2 seconds making it ideal for people with limited mobility. The soft breathable cushion, backrest and leg rests make this ideal for elderly people with sensitive skin. And better yet, for just $329, it can be yours today!

Are you wanting to hire a manual wheelchair for a short period of time?
The good news is that Gilani Engineering hires out manual wheelchairs. Contact our staff today to find out how.

Come and visit our huge 500 sqm in Sydney’s west located in Smithfield and our lovely staff would love to assist you on your journey of finding the best manual wheelchair for you! If you have any questions, would like a free quote feel free to contact us on 02 8740 8963 or email sales@gilaniengineering.com.au to find out more.

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