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The Most Popular Choice When It Comes To Vehicle Modification: Boot Hoist

Gilani Engineering offers all types of vehicle modifications from simply adding a seat cover to changing the controls of the vehicle.


Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification services, equipment and products to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients and customers.


What is Vehicle Modification?

Vehicle modification refers to when a vehicle is adjusted to suit the needs of an individual. Car modifications can also be funded through the NDIS plan which allows some of the financial stress to be lifted.

Having a modified car for disabled drivers may be considered for a number of reasons to enable a person with disabilities to drive safely and stow their mobility aids. They also may be considered to enable a person to travel in a wheelchair rather than a passenger car seat to reduce the risk of injury during transfers. It’s also possible to review vehicle ergonomics, transfers, and seating for an easier and more comfortable travel experience. We can assess and advise disabled driver car modifications that will support you to reach your goals in accessing the community.

A very popular choice for our customers when it comes to vehicle modifications are installing boot hoists. Boot hoists are mobility aid equipment that either can be bolted into the car or can come as a portable boot hoist. It simplifies the task of lifting and placing the scooter/wheelchair into a vehicle by the touch of a button. Thus, taking all pressure off the person’s back lifting the wheelchair into the boot of a car.

Smart lifter

Delivering the best solution in mobility assistance for easy traveling.

The type of wheelchair or scooter you have will impact your decision on what type of vehicle modification boot hoist you need. When considering purchasing and installing a boot hoist, our friendly workshop team will measure the size of the boot and recommend the best option for your boot as well as factoring in the type of mobility aid device you have. If you would like to purchase the boot hoist, then you will need to consider, the space in the boot of your car and the weight and size of your scooter or wheelchair.


A wheelchair hoist can be an alternative option when it comes to purchasing a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). By getting a wheelchair hoist fitted into a car boot it can make a huge impact on independence and freedom, the wheelchair is raised by the hoist simply at a flick of a switch and is high enough then for the wheelchair to be pushed into the boot space of the vehicle, then lower the wheelchair to the floor of the boot and unclip the cord that’s attached.

There are two types of boot hoists that can be installed in the boot of your car:

2-Way Hoist

The two-way boot hoist is designed for lightweight wheelchairs with a weight capacity of 80kg. The 2-way hoist is for lighter wheelchairs and cannot be used for putting a mobility scooter in the boot as it will bend the arm of the hoist and may cause long-lasting damage to the hoist. This hoist operates with an up and down action only, therefore you will need to push the wheelchair into the boot by hand, then secure the tie-downs. However, with the hoist and wheelchair in the boot, you may have to fold down the rear seats still but obviously, if the right measurements have been taken, they can stay upright.


4-Way Hoist

A 4-way hoist would be better for transporting a scooter or heavier/larger wheelchair into the boot. They help move the scooter or wheelchair into the boot by the touch of a button although the product will still need to be guided in the right direction and then secured by using the tie downs. In many cases, people make the mistake of not taking measurements to ensure that the wheelchair will fit in the boot with the hoist in the result of this they have to fold down the rear seats or may even have to dismantle the scooter.

The Most Popular Choice When It Comes To Vehicle Modification: Boot Hoist

Due to the complexity of wheelchair hoists, it is vital that you speak with a professional adaptation installer before going ahead and purchasing a hoist.

We also offer a Portable Boot Hoist which doesn’t require installation.

The Solax Portable Boot Hoist can hold up to 30kg of weight from most manual and electric wheelchairs as well as scooters. The Portable Boot Hoist enables an easy and convenient way to put your electric wheelchair in and out of your car. The hoist is compatible with a scooter/wheelchair battery which makes it an easy lift hoist to use. The Solax Portable Boot Hoist provides you with the support you need when lifting a wheelchair or scooter instead of straining your back. The ideal wheelchair to move in and out of your car would be the exclusive GED09 which is an easy folding electric scooter.

The Most Popular Choice When It Comes To Vehicle Modification: Boot Hoist

The portable boot hoist is quick, simple, and easy to use with minimal effort. It can also save space in the boot of your care as the portable hoist can be dismantled and assembled to take as little much space as possible and can be stored easily.

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