Vehicle Modifications and Rental Services

Gilani Engineering finds immense pleasure to offer premium NDIS community transport services for special people along with the vehicle modifications to increase the freedom of people with limited natural mobility options.


Vehicle Modifications:

We at Gilani Engineering concentrate our efforts to model and fabricate the assistive aid products and vehicles for our customers which are not only ergonomically optimised but are also equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide our customers with once in a lifetime experience. Our policy is customer-centric and we believe in a constant improvisation strategy to be the torchbearers in the manufacturing lines of assistive aid products. Apart from offering these advance mobility products, Gilani Engineering also finds immense pleasure to offer premium NDIS community transport services for special people along with the vehicle modification services to increase the freedom of people with limited natural mobility options. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles which are simply called WAVs are specifically modified vehicles that allow additional mobility to people with limited movement capability. These vehicles enable the individuals to hop in along with their wheelchairs without having to transfer the original seats of the vehicle. These WAVs are ergonomically oriented vehicles that are particularly designed to envisage the extra need of the users. These vehicles use adaptive technologies to provide the most ideal solutions for people with limited mobility options.

Within the scope of our community transport for physically challenged persons, Gilani Engineering offers NDIS approved wheelchair accessible vehicles (ranging from modified sedan cars to long-travel vans) on rental basis to provide the differently-abled people with a smooth, seamless and carefree outdoor experience without having to rely majorly on anyone else for their mobility needs. Let’s discuss these community products and services offered by Gilani Engineering in a broader aspect and fine detail.

As far as the services regarding vehicle modification are concerned, Gilani Engineering is aimed to render the journey of mobility-impaired people behind the wheels tireless and comfortable. The reason behind this aim is to smoothen the journey for the driver to increase his safety and competency. We at Gilani Engineering ensure to comply with all the roadside service standards since we are NDIS approved service providers and it has enabled us to develop and retain our customers owing to our quality, trustworthiness and reliability of the products and services offered. Here is a brief overview of the products and services that are being provided by Gilani Engineering regarding vehicle modifications to assist the needs of mobility-impaired people.

Our technical team approved by NDIS will provide you with the suggestions and recommendations such as vehicle modifications of car seats, alterations to the vehicle control system, ramps and hoists, safe transportation of the wheelchair. Apart from the vehicle inspection and recommendations, we also assess our clients by a certified occupational therapist to ensure that the certain driver is fit to use the customized vehicle suggested for designed for him/her. This assessment is projected on a variety of factors belonging to the client such as muscle strength, coordination, judgement, decision making, screening of the vision, flexibility, and personal ability to drive with the mobility aid. Now let us have a brief overview of the products that we offer to modify a vehicle and render it suitable to use by people with assistive aid requirements.

Satellite Accelerators:

The satellite accelerators enable the drivers to manage the vehicle acceleration without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. It is generally used and worn like a glove and provides the drivers with complete control and mobility independence while driving their car. Satellite accelerators are one of a kind to offer the drivers with a complete control over the acceleration of a car without changing or modifying the original dynamics of the cars. These satellite accelerators come with customisable supports and fitting brackets which can be utilised to mount these accelerators on the hands of the drivers and letting them use the steering wheel without any interference caused.

Mechanical Brake Levers:

For a person facing limitations to his/her free movement because of the immobility of lower limbs, a combination of satellite accelerators and mechanical brake levers is the best fit. This combination enables them to drive their cars without using the foot pedals at all. The satellite accelerators can be used to manage the acceleration of the vehicle and brake levers can be mounted next to the driver’s seat almost like a handbrake. The simplest brake lever used by hands is the push/pull lever which is connected with the foot pedals mechanically to support the braking mechanism without using the feet.

Power-Assisted Braking and Steering

 Power-assisted braking and steering which are also known as power brake and power steer are designed in such a way that this mechanism utilizes the power of the engine or battery to increase the braking power of the vehicle. Similarly, power-assisted steering increases the quick manoeuvrability options for the drivers. In this way, roadside driving can be made easy for differently-abled people with less or no ability to make quick reflexes over the steering wheels.

Swivel Chair Bases

Swivel chair bases enable the special drivers with limited physical mobility freedom to turn their car seats around to enter or exit from their vehicles without having to rely on anyone else. These swivel chair bases are designed to fit perfectly with the low height car seats. Additionally, these swivel chair bases are not limited to the driver’s seat only rather they can be mounted for front or rear passengers’ seats as well. These swivel chairs can be manually rotated, however, for people with a high degree of mobility impairment, latest swivel chairs can be fitted which can be controlled//rotated from their remote controllers without any hassle at all.

Hoists and Ramps

We offer vehicle hydraulic accessible wheelchair lift hoist for modified vehicles. It offers a split platform design for improved access and rear mirror no-obstacle view. This series of wheelchair lift platform is designed specially to provide car-adaptive solutions for people with limited natural mobility. It is designed to enable the wheelchair occupant to enter his/her vehicle while remain seated in the wheelchair at all times. This wheelchair lift can be installed at the rear as well as side door of your vehicle provided that your vehicle has been modified for assistive mobility requirements in compliance with the VSCCS.

We also offer telescopic wheelchair anti-slip ramps using which you can move your wheelchair on stepped paths without requiring to lift your wheelchair at all. These ramps have a smart size and they can be folded and loaded into cars easily. They are made of aluminium which means they are lightweight and one can carry them along without any hassle. These ramps can sustain a weight of up to 300 kg when folded in halves like a suitcase for easy storage or portability.

These customized platforms such as ramps and vehicle hoists are a must-have for anyone who is a wheelchair user be it motorised or manual since these accessories provide the sense of completeness to your journey requirements and you can travel to all places without having to worry about the terrains or steps along the paths.

Community Transport Services

If you are not in a position to modify your car to make it wheelchair accessible, then you can benefit from our vehicle rental program. In this system, you can request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle WAV from our outlet for any as long as you want and we will provide you with the best-suited WAV on rental basis. You can rent it or you can hire the vehicle along with our specialised drivers to make your roadside mobility, trips, and adventures remarkable and independent. Here are some of the scenarios in which you can utilize our hiring services for yourself or your friends & family.

  • Your Weekly Shopping
  • Hairdresser Appointment
  • Hospital Appointments
  • Doctors and Specialist appointments
  • Airport and CBD Service
  • Sight Seeing Tour Service
  • Parcel Service
  • Destination to Destination

We at Gilani Engineering have been providing hiring and rental services of WAVs to transform the lives of people with mobility limitations. We envisage our efforts to alleviate the challenges of mobility-impaired people which they face in their everyday lives. It not only becomes a challenge for the aforementioned people but is also a great challenging situation for the caretakers of these people as well since settling the mobility-impaired passengers in an ordinary car is not only an exhausting but is also a recurring activity which makes it even more tiresome. Perhaps you have not considered the idea of investing in a wheelchair accessible vehicle because you think it’s more expensive than an ordinary vehicle. You might also think that driving this vehicle is less fun. However, there are several benefits that come with buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle such as greater mobility options, accessibility, added safety, and outdoor mobility independence.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
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