Vehicle Modifications: The Top-Rated Access & Driving Solutions

Gilani Engineering offers a complete range of vehicle modifications and mobility aid products.

Vehicle modification refers to when any part of a vehicle is changed or modified.

We range from the design and development of manual and electric wheelchairs to the customisation of wheelchair accessible vehicles that are often known as WAVs.

These wheelchair accessible vehicles enable the elderly citizens to make an entrance/exit to and from these vehicles comfortably without any hassle or time taking process.

Gilani Engineering focuses its efforts to develop these accessible vehicles with the default capability to enable the people with reduced ability to enter or exit from the vehicle autonomously without any further assistance.

While it has not yet been completely announced autonomous, many of the wheelchair accessible vehicles partly offer remote-controlled accessible vehicle additional features like the vehicle height adjustment to make it a low floor vehicle. It offers wheelchair passengers to have enough headspace for their travel.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion Kia Grand Carnival

Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion Kia Grand Carnival


Gilani Engineering is an NDIS approved mobility care assistance provider that is originally from Australia and has now grown its network all over the world. These specialised vehicles enable the individuals to go into comfort with their wheelchairs without any hassle, rush or inconvenience.

Within the scope of our community transport for physically challenged persons, Gilani Engineering offers NDIS approved wheelchair accessible vehicles (ranging from modified sedan cars to long-travel vans) on a rental basis to provide people with a smooth, seamless and carefree outdoor experience without having to rely majorly on anyone else for their mobilities.

Let’s discuss these access and driving solutions offered by Gilani Engineering in a broader aspect and finer detail.

Wheelchair assistive mobility vehicle modification

Wheelchair assistive mobility vehicle

There are a number of access solutions that vary from one another. This variation depends upon the degree of mobile requirements demanded distinctly by each user that is best suited to everyone individually.

Gilani Engineering is proud to offer that our competitive teams with academic and industrial background experts have developed all the products and services that are an essential requirement of people with limited mobility. For instance,

- Ease of Access
- Handrails
- Step Assist
- Strong space
- Seating options

ramp for wheelchair accessible taxi vehicle modification

ramp for wheelchair assistive vehicles

Emergency assistance can be ensured the entry and exit of the vehicle to suit the maximum needs of the visitors. Gilani Engineering offers vehicle modification services to offer the ease of access and portability of the wheelchair user while moving into or out of the car.

Similarly, in order to increase the ease of access for people with relatively small mobility aid requirements, the wheelchair accessible vehicles come with the installation of handrails to offer additional support to people with limited mobility options.

These handrails offer extra support to people with limited mobility aids. While Gilani Engineering has designed and developed the handrails for ease of access, it has also developed the Step Assist that is compatible with a range of cars, vans and busses.

This Step Assist handrail is designed to aid entry to and exit from a vehicle.

It differs from other handrails as it extends outside the vehicle using a horizontal pivot. These handrails are manufactured and are thoroughly tested to check for their reliability and usability. One of the major issues while traveling is the availability of enough space and storage for everyone.

The wheelchair-accessible vehicle ensures sufficient space to contain a wheelchair easily and even fix it for driver or passenger seat depending upon who shall be the driver; the person with mobility assistance requirements or the assisting person.

Ergonomics is at the heart of any healthcare department of any organisation so far and in the vehicle modification industry. Foldable and removable seats allow flexible and smooth seating arrangements for physically challenged people.

One of the greatest benefits is that these features can be altered to multiple user-friendly designs depending upon the customised requirements of the customer.


Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle modification GILANI ENGINEERING

Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle modification GILANI ENGINEERING

Lifts and hoists are the simplest and most commonly used access solutions for people with limited mobility freedom. As far as the driving solution for people with limited mobility assistance is concerned, there are two major categories.

One of them being the passenger seat wheelchair in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The second vehicle modification is of them being driver seat wheelchair adjustment. This provision of these wheelchair seats in the cars ensures that the travel journeys can be lived to their fullest along with the physically challenged members of any family.

In order to ensure the safety and protection of the physically impaired people, during a vehicle modification, additional restraint belts are also mounted that work much like the safety belts of a conventional car and products the wheelchair passenger in the event of an unforeseen roadside accident or a near miss.

Assistive controls for vehicle modification

Assistive controls for vehicle modification

Gilani Engineering is aimed to render the journey of mobility-impaired people behind the wheels tireless and comfortable through our vehicle modification. The reason behind this aim is to smoothen the journey for the driver to increase his safety and competency.

We at Gilani Engineering ensure that all our vehicle modifications comply with all the roadside service standards since we are NDIS approved service providers and it has enabled us to develop and retain our customers owing to our quality, trustworthiness and reliability of the products and services offered.

Here is a brief overview of the products and services that are being provided by Gilani Engineering regarding vehicle modifications to assist the needs of mobility-impaired people.

Some of the other products that Gilani Engineering offers to increase the ease of access and driving solutions include:

- Satellite Accelerators
The satellite accelerators for vehicle modification enable the drivers to manage the vehicle acceleration without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. It is generally used and worn like a glove and provides the drivers with complete control and mobility independence while driving their car.

- Mechanical Brake Levers
The simplest brake lever used by hands is the push/pull lever which is connected with the foot pedals mechanically to support the braking mechanism without using the feet.

- Power-Assisted Braking and Steering
Power-assisted braking and steering which are also known as power brakes and power steer are designed in such a way that this mechanism utilises the power of the engine or battery to increase the braking power of the vehicle.

- Swivel Chair Bases
Swivel chair bases n vehicle modification enables the special drivers with limited physical mobility freedom to turn their car seats around to enter or exit from their vehicles without having to rely on anyone else.

- Hoists and Ramps
Hoists and ramps are designed to enable the wheelchair occupant to enter his/her vehicle while remain seated in the wheelchair at all times.

This wheelchair lift can be installed at the rear as well as side door of your vehicle provided that your vehicle has been modified for assistive mobility requirements in compliance with the VSCCS.

Gilani Engineering is a complete mobility aids solution centre with its product collection ranging from as little as maneuver joysticks to the latest standing wheelchairs.

portable Aluminum Ramp vehicle modification Australia Wide based in Sydney

portable Aluminum Ramp in Australia Wide based in Sydney for vehicle modification

The products and services covered by Gilani Engineering are sufficient for anyone facing any degree of physical immobility to ease their mobility by getting themselves just the right product which in the other case can also be recommended by the experts at Gilani Engineering outlet and the vehicle modification team.

These recommendations are documented and communicated to the user after our experts including occupational therapists analyse the degree of severity of your mobility requirements.

Shall you have any further queries, you can contact us on any of the channels provided and one of our customer care agents will get back to you at the earliest.

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