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Vehicle Modifications

Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification

Our objective is to make driving a pleasurable and comfortable practical experience. We aim to reduce exhaustion behind the wheel and improve driver competency and safety. Gilani Engineering’s philosophy and five years of industry experience, as well as being an NDIS provider, has earned the company a positive reputation for trustworthiness, development and quality.

Products and Services
Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top-quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification services, equipment and products to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients and customers.

Examples of some of the equipment we provide are:
* Satellite Accelerators
* Mechanical brake levers
* Power-assisted braking & steering
* Swivel chair bases,
* Scooter hoists
* Ramps.

We employ a variety of suppliers to provide accessibility to everyone throughout Australia. If we do not have the exact product that you desire, we will make it for you because your needs are important to us.


Vehicle Modifications

Gilani Engineering provides a variety of vehicle modifications such as Wheelchair stow and hoists, Accessibility lifts and Dual Pedals. Our modifications ensure driver convenience and are done according to Australian road laws (which vary from state to state). Our team will provide you with recommendations that may include modifications of seating, controls, ramps and a safe method of transporting your wheelchair. Clients (NDIS or Private) will be assessed by our team and an Occupational therapist to ensure that their needs suit are met.

Our clients are assessed based on there:

• Muscle strength
• Coordination
• Judgement
• Decision making
• Screening of the vision
• Flexibility
• Ability to drive with the mobility aid

If you cannot drive a vehicle with dual control and accessible modification, we can recommend some dual control driving schools in Australia. Your safety is our top priority.

You can learn more about our vehicle modification services by clicking the photo icons below and determining if they suit your needs.

However, if we do not have the product you need, we will engineer it for you. You can enquire about our products or services by simply clicking the ‘Enquire Now at the bottom of the page and our team members will contact you to discuss any products or services you require.

Wheelchair Stow

Dual Control

Wheelchair Hoist

Wheelchair accessibility Lift