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What is the Cost of An Electric Wheelchair in Australia

What is the Cost of An Electric Wheelchair in Australia

Electric Wheelchairs are nothing less than a blessing for individuals confined to sit on them due to illness, injury, or medical problems. These self-propelled chairs give the feeling of independence and freedom to the users.

Apart from its numerous advantages, one thing that first comes to mind is its cost. How much does a brand-new electric wheelchair cost in Australia?

Typically the cost of an electric wheelchair in Australia can vary widely depending on the features and specifications of the device. On average, a basic model can cost anywhere from AUD 2,000 to AUD 6,000, while more advanced models with additional features can cost anywhere from AUD 8,000 to AUD 20,000 or more.

If you are planning to buy a wheelchair. In that case, you must read this post because here we discuss the factors influencing the cost of wheelchairs and what to consider before purchasing a wheelchair in Australia.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Electric Wheelchairs

It’s important to remember that these costs can also vary based on factors such as the wheelchair types, brand, and features.

Type of Wheelchair

The cost of the wheelchair depends on its type. There are different type of wheelchairs available in the market, such as simple electric wheelchair which operates on battery. Another one is equipped with a motor and has multiple adjustment functionality. Finally, one that is portable, lightweight, and has standing functionality. So, the cost depends on the type of wheelchair.

Wheelchair Brand

The cost of the wheelchairs varies depending on which brand of chair you want to purchase. Some common and famous wheelchair brands in Australia are Air Hawk, Pride, and Falcon. These brands offer all types of wheelchairs, from budget-friendly to high-end wheelchairs with full bells and whistles.

Features and Specifications

Another factor influencing the final price is the wheelchair’s features and specifications. A basic wheelchair with only the necessary components will cost you cheaper than one with all the standard features and specifications, such as an adjustable seat, power tilt, high-quality cushions, sturdy frame material, etc. Further, a wheelchair with a long-lasting battery must be expensive.

Design and Material

Design and material matter in making the final cost of an electric wheelchair in Australia. A wheelchair with a multiple-purpose design is definitely more expensive than a basic wheelchair design such as a standing wheelchair.

Similarly, the material used to manufacture the products directly affects their price. A wheelchair with premium material such as aluminum is costly compared to a low-quality chair.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing An Electric Wheelchair

A few necessary factors are worth mentioning here that you should consider before buying a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one.

Mobility Needs

Wheelchairs are designed for use inside the home. Few brands manufacture wheelchairs for outdoor use. So, you must look at your mobility needs, whether you want to use it within the home or another place or take it to the nearby market, park, etc.

Additionally, estimate daily driven use. It will help you to choose a wheelchair accordingly.


Budget is the first thing that you must decide before making a purchase. Your budget lets you choose the final product. If you have a budget and need a wheelchair with all the features, then look for good quality and reputable wheelchair brand. So, products could last long.

If you have a tight budget and want a nifty wheelchair, it is good to look for a secondhand wheelchair. Possibly you can find a good quality wheelchair with all the necessary features. Otherwise, find a wheelchair with enough features that could fulfill your needs. Later, you can do add-ons through modification.


Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly or high-end wheelchair, the durability of the products is the foremost need for reliable use. If your product is of low high quality, it will never live long; ultimately, you will have to invest in another. So, wisely make a purchase.


Features tell the use of any products. A product with few features will offer fewer benefits than one with multiple features. However, it is not necessary to rush on a fully equipped product, but it is crucial to find a wheelchair with features that could fulfill your needs.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Undoubtedly, device parts get fragile over time or may get into accidents and need to be replaced. Similarly, it is possible wheelchair parts need to replace. It is better to purchase a wheelchair with readily and easily available parts.


The cost of an electric wheelchair in Australia can range from $2,000 to $20,000. The type of wheelchair, brand, and features all play a role in determining the overall cost.

If you need an electric wheelchair, it is important to shop around and compare prices from different brands and suppliers to ensure you get the best value for your money.

An electric wheelchair is undoubtedly a useful product for anyone who is permanently a wheelchair user. OR someone who wants to use it temporarily because it helps them feel their independence and recover fast.