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Cost of a wheelchair accessible car conversion

Wheelchair accessible car modification

Are you wondering how much it would cost to modify your vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible? Wheelchair-accessible car conversions can vary depending on many factors!

Here at Gilani Engineering, the possibilities are endless as we offer wheelchair-accessible car conversions built to your specifications and budget. Gilani Engineering understands that some people do not have the luxury of mobility and getting in and out of a car as well as storing a wheelchair can be difficult.

Disability Wheelchair Car Conversion
Gilani Engineering Wheelchair accessible car modifications for disability and elderly

Our families and carers may struggle to put us into vehicles without injuring or straining ourselves and leaving the house can become a difficult exercise for them. At Gilani Engineering, we strive to provide people with all abilities with the freedom to live their best life and the opportunity to meet their goals whenever they want, where ever they want so that is why we create access and driving solutions to meet everyone’s budget, lifestyle and ability.

Wheelchair accessible car modifications provide endless transportation options for people with disabilities. They range from simple additions like a pedal extension to more extensive changes like adding an automatic wheelchair ramp or swivel seats. These car modifications can be expensive and are not available on every vehicle.

4 Easy Steps for your Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversions

Cost of a wheelchair accessible car conversion

Occupational Therapist Assessment

  • OFF-ROAD Assessment completed by Occupational Therapist
  • Interview
  • Physical Screen
  • Visual Screen
  • Cognitive Screen
  • Road Knowledge
  • Emotional Status for driving

We at Gilani Engineering, understand that structural modifications can be very expensive and most Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversions start at around $200 and the most complex transformations can even reach up to staggering prices upwards of $80,000!

NDIS Funding

However, we are specialist NDIS providers and can use your NDIS funding to provide you with the products and services that you deserve helping you achieve all your goals.

To be approved for a car conversion through NDIS Fundings you need to meet the following criteria:

Vehicles aged less than five years

Generally, newer vehicles with less than 80,000kms of mileage, are considered suitable to modify. However, older vehicles with higher mileage may still be considered if the modifications are proven to be cost-effective.

Before funding wheelchair accessible vehicle modifications, the NDIA will also consider the effectiveness of vehicle modifications having consideration to whether:

  • the modifications have been assessed and recommended by a suitably qualified professional AT assessor and specified and installed by a supplier in line with the relevant standards and state or territory regulations;
  • the participant owns the vehicle, or in the case of a vehicle owned by another person, whether the participant has use of the vehicle for their transport needs; and
  • the participant (or another person) is able to fund ongoing vehicle running costs, including registration, regular insurance, fuel, repairs and maintenance.

For further detail please refer to the Operational Guidelines.

Privately Funded

If you are privately funded we can send out an invoice to you directly, however, we offer payment installment for your convenience. Please send your inquiries to sales@gilaniengineering.com.au


The technology involved in modifying wheelchair accessible cars is changing at a rapid rate. This means that more and more people with a disability are able to drive independently. Gilani Engineering’s team of RMS certified and experienced Engineers are able to modify vehicles to provide custom solutions for individuals of all levels of ability. Gilani Engineering is a specialist in Car Modifications Sydney and therefore is able to provide innovative solutions to cater to your support needs and preferences.

What modifications can be made?

We are able to provide you with disability car conversions and Non-related Disability Vehicle modifications. Some examples of possible vehicle modifications and wheelchair accessible car conversions can include:

  • Dual Control Car Modifications enable the passenger to control the brake and accelerator for added comfort and safety.
  • Our Dual Control Car Modifications are carried out by RMS (Registered Motor Safety) Certified Sydney Engineers.
  • Hand controls and steering devices
  • Adaptive ignition controls
  • Automatic doors
  • Pedal or seatbelt extenders
  • Left foot accelerators
  • Seat modifications
  • Swivel seat and wheelchair connectors
  • Wheelchair lifts and ramps
  • Raised roof or dropped floor
  • Wheelchair hoist (bi-directional and 4-directional)
Wheelchair Accessible Car Modification Swivel Chair
Wheelchair accessible vehicle modification swivel seats
Wheelchair accessible car modification ramp
Wheelchair-accessible car conversions such as ramps can be installed by our trusted engineers at Gilani Engineering to ensure the ease and comfort of our clients and to give back their freedom to travel!
Over ring accelerator vehicle modification
Disability vehicle modifications such as the over ring accelerator is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb ability

If the disability car modification you are looking for is not listed above, have a chat with one of our friendly staff to discuss innovative and creative ideas for meeting your needs!

What Cars can be modified?

Any car can be modified, however, it is important to ensure that the car you have or intend to purchase suits the modification process. In order to have a smooth and comfortable ride, the car needs to be large enough to fit the wheelchair seat, get in, out and have wiggle room.

Speak to one of our consultants or organise a meeting with one of our specialised engineers to determine the vehicle and wheelchair accessible car modification best suited to you!


Gilani Engineering’s team of dedicated and specialised engineers ensures that all conversions carried out are maintained and performed to relevant Australian standards keeping you and your family safe.

Finding affordable coverage

To keep the cost of insurance affordable, ask about:

  • Low-kms or usage-based discounts: These discounts can reduce your costs if you don’t drive long distances or do not drive often.
  • Senior discounts: Many companies offer discounts for people who are 55 or older.
  • Bundling discounts: You can get lower rates if you bundle more than one coverage together, such as auto and homeowners insurance.
  • Safe driver discounts: Many companies offer safe driver discounts to people with no recent accidents that were your fault, and no recent moving violations (such as speeding tickets).

Insurance companies cannot charge you more if you have a disability as per the anti-discrimination laws in Australia. Modified vehicles suitably converted provide you with the utmost safety and security so you are not at more of a risk of having accidents.

If you do not plan to drive the modified vehicle, you can also remove yourself from the policy as a driver, possibly lowering the cost of insurance.

Come and visit our workshop at 14 Smithfield Rd Smithfield NSW 2164 to see all the action!

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