What to do if you need to renovate your home to be accessible for wheelchair bound people?

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What to do if you need to renovate your home to be accessible for wheelchair bound people?

Renovating your home with accessibility in mind is a great idea if you have a family member with disabilities. you always want to ensure that your home is suitable for anyone that has any form of disability, so renovating with a focus on accessibility is an amazing idea. With that being said, here are some tips and tricks that will help renovate your home and bring in a lot more accessibly to it.

Minor Changes for Wheelchair Bound People

A good idea is to start with some minor changes and see how much of a difference they actually make. Changing the door knobs for example or the door hinges is a very good idea, and it will help create more space especially in tighter locations. We also recommend laying down a portable wheelchair access ramp on top of the steps. It’s a great way to improve the overall accessibility, while also making it easy to use for wheelchair bound people within your home.

You can also re-adjust the furniture location so you can get more floor space, while minimising the amount of furnishings you have. In doing so, you get to create more room to manoeuvre for wheelchair bound people. That alone is a great change you can make while remodelling/renovating your home.

MR007 Heavy Duty 400kg telescopic ramp
MR007 Heavy Duty 400kg telescopic ramp
Electric Platform Lift for Wheelchairs and Scooters
Electric Platform Lift for Wheelchairs and Scooters
Person hoist to transfer patient from room to room
Person hoist to transfer patient from room to room
What other changes can you make for better accessibility for wheelchair bound people in your home?

You can start by adding some assistive equipment like bedroom or living room aids. these can help you move around and also ensure you are comfortable within your bed. It’s a great idea, and it can deliver impressive results every time. Another way to renovate your home and implement better solutions is to install a platform lift. This will make it easier for wheelchair bound people to move around the home especially if you have more than one level.

We also recommend the idea of installing grab rails. Many wheelchair bound people have a problem moving around the shower/bathroom, so these products are incredibly helpful. You can also add a grab rail near the toilet too. Another thing you can do is to lower the countertops and also add cabinets only at the bottom. That will make it easy for any wheelchair bound people to access and use their home without a problem.

Widening the doorways by removing the frame and also cutting the wall board out can be really handy too.

Accessible Homes and Toilets Home modifications
Accessible Toilet for Disability Home modifications
Disability Bathroom Modification
Certified builders at Gilani Engineering can Build and Modify your bathroom to meet your mobility requirements.
Accessible Floating basin for bathroom modification
High Quality Accessible Bathroom Modifications
Grab Rail Provider Bathroom modifications by Gilani Engineering
Bathroom Modifications include a floating basin, step less wall less shower nook, vertical grab rails, horizontal grab rails
Gilani Engineering Bathroom Modifications
Gilani Engineering has high quality bathroom modifications and are NDIS registered providers

As you can see, there are many different ways to renovate your home in order to make it accessible. With that in mind, these tips and tricks will make it easier to solve any of these issues and ensure everything is managed accordingly. There will always be challenges that can arise, which is why focusing on accessibility will help a lot. It’s definitely a challenge especially in the beginning, but the benefits can be incredible if you do it right. We recommend taking these things into account and give Gilani Engineering a try right away if you want access to the best, most professional products for people with disabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions on different Home Renovation Products:

1-What makes the hospital bed stand out from other regular beds?  

This product is efficient to use and has safety bed rails for people with limited mobility. Similarly, it is easy to use and the remote allows you to use 5 different settings with the electric bed.

2- Where can grab rails be installed?

Grab rails can be installed anywhere around the house including on the side of a staircase, in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom; beside the toilet, inside the shower and bath and anywhere else where someone with balance issues could use one.

3- What is platform in elevator?

In simple terms, a platform lift is a machine that, much like an elevator, provides assistance to people with disabilities.