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Wheelchair Car Hire for Private and NDIS Funded

Gilani Engineering is providing wheelchair accessible vehicle hire with comfortability

Gilani Engineering offers a ‘driving’ or ‘hiring’ vehicle rental system. We provide you with a car filled with fuel and it’s ready to go!
Our Honda Odyssey is uniquely converted to become a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Wheelchair-accessible Honda Odyssey

Make sure the ignition is off to operate the system
Tailgate to be opened
Floor to be lowered until firmly touching the ground, making sure the lower flap stops by itself
Once it is lowered and firmly on the ground, you can either load or unload the wheelchair passenger.
Once the wheelchair passenger is safely onboard or off the lift, you can reverse order it, ensuring it is flat up until it stops by itself. Once it contains, you can close the tailgate.
The electric restraints switch on the left side; you must switch it on to extend the electric seat belts and hook around the front of the wheelchair.
Once that is done, you must switch it off and push the wheelchair passenger in to secure them.
Once the wheelchair passenger is inside, use the tie downs in the back to secure them.
Use the seat belt around the wheelchair passenger from the right side to latch it on the left side.

Key Points to take into consideration when using the Wheelchair accessible Honda Odyssey:
If you are having trouble closing the door or have any issues, please call us on
02 8740 8963 to have someone assist you.
Make sure the vehicle is parked mostly on even and flat surfaces.

Wheelchair Car Hire for Private and NDIS Funded

2017 NISSAN NV200 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

This van has so much to offer: It seats 2 + 2 +1 and has a wheelchair position. It has an ample and functional interior space with options to efficiently remove features like seats and grab rails, depending on your needs.

The exterior shape is pleasing and fits into any car park. With a stunning white metallic exterior, the interior has patterned beige cloth seats that match nicely with black floor carpets and black, beige and grey dash. They also boast handy orange handrails to aid transfer in and out of the vehicle for everyone; these can be kept or removed as needed. Most importantly, it is evident that it has been regularly serviced.

Wheelchair Features

The Vanette Life Care is a specialized version of NV200 Vanette with a wheelchair entrance at the rear. The Nissan engineers have created a simple and effective design where a wheelchair can be easily and safely loaded into what is essentially a small van.

These specialized vans are all custom-made, so they have different wheelchair accessibility features. This one has room in the rear to fit one wheelchair, two seats in the middle row, 2 in the front, and one next to the wheelchair. The middle seats are bolted to the floor and can easily be removed if not needed. This gives the added option of a much larger space for the wheelchair occupant to use if required.

The rear ramp is lightweight and aluminium, manually pulled out and lowered to the ground. The wheelchair spot has 4 Oval pockets to fix the wheelchair to the floor in 4 places, front and back. There is a video coming soon which will show how these work. Remember that we can move these points and customize them to fit your particular wheelchair if needed.

Being a van, they have plenty of interior room for passengers to move within. This is absolutely a plus for a wheelchair-access vehicle, especially if you’re travelling and need extra space for all the bits and bobs you may need to travel with.

Our clients often say it’s important for them to see through a car’s windows easily – these vans have excellent vision for all within. Our clients have also expressed their surprise when discovering how easy the NV200 is to drive – the joy of powered steering means the van drives like a small car but with all the added space, versatility, visibility and comfort of a larger car that’s actually not that much bigger than a sedan.
All this value in a car for a price less than a local aftermarket ramp is amazing but true!

Wheelchair & Car Dimensions

Approximate interior dimensions of the wheelchair position:
Height: 135cm | Length: 110cm | Internal Wheelchair Space Width: 70cm | Ramp Width: 66cm

Overall Vehicle Dimensions:
Height: 183cm | Length: 440cm | Width: 169cm

It’s essential that you measure the wheelchair person sitting in their wheelchair from ground level to the top of their head to ensure this vehicle is right for them.

Engine, Economy & Reliability

A 1.6L 4 Cylinder HR16DE petrol engine which, according to Nissan, travels approx. 14 km per litre, which is good value motoring.

Toyota and Nissan engines are world renowned for their longevity and reliability, which is why they are the leading brands we now stock. As long as their car engines are well serviced, they are built to travel hundreds of thousands of km with ease. We’ve even seen a client’s Toyota with 1,000,000 km on the clock. The car was retired to a farm but still going strong!

Wheelchair Car Hire for Private and NDIS Funded

We have different kinds of Solutions to meet your requirements:

Vehicles with ‘push-pull’ hand-managed vehicles using an accelerator. Minivans use a ramp for wheelchair entry and Mini-vehicles come with a hoist for wheelchair access.

When renting one of our vehicles you get:

Wheelchair restraints, a seatbelt for anyone travelling within their wheelchair or a mobility scooter, including an authorised 4-stage restraint program. Extra restraints may also be provided to tie up any devices transported. (surcharges apply).

Safe Parking Readily available:

Be confident that your vehicle will be safely locked up on our property while you are hiring from us. All the gates are shut during the night to protect the car.

Nominal charges for customer pick-up service from the nearest train station:

If you wish to travel via train to collect one of our cars, we can arrange an employee with a suitable vehicle to wait for you at the train station so you can come to our business office. Just let us know when you make your booking so we can organise the trip.

Range of steering wheels”spinner knobs” are available:

When hiring one of our vehicles fitted with a hand-managed or a left-foot accelerator, you may demand a spinner knob- which fits the steering wheel- to allow for individual palm steering. They are also referred to as Tripping spinners or Cuddle knobs and they can be a circular knob, a U-handle or possibly a quad-fork. Talk to us about your needs and choices when arranging the vehicle and we can set up this gadget to become fitted for your comfort and ease.

Extra Wheelchair Restraints:

More than one list of restraints (4 factors using a seat belt) may be prepared for anyone travelling with two wheelchair passengers or additional equipment.

Vehicle Shipping and delivery & Collection Service:

We can arrange the availability of your rental car at Sydney Airport or any other desired area, saving you a lot of time and inconvenience. Our shipping support includes a demonstration of vehicle regulation, ramp/hoist operation, wheelchair tie-down methods, and a smile!

Wheelchairs hiring:

We do more than just provide rental vehicles; we offer the whole package deal! Whether it’s a wheelchair, bath commode, electric hoist or hospital bed, our varied healthcare and mobility gear allow our customers to carry out their quest with comfort and ease- all from just one store!

Gilani Engineering community transport for NDIS, as well as private funded individuals operating across NSW, provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of people with different levels of ability and provides vehicles that are wheelchair accessible. We aim to deliver wheelchair vehicle rentals so that individuals of all abilities can experience the freedom and efficiency of hiring a car. We are just a call away if you need accessible vehicle hiring or wheelchair vehicle rentals. We provide NDIS community service and aspire to provide the most comfortable wheelchair experience.

Our community transport aims to assist individuals who have mobility limitations to travel more accessible. We also provide manual and electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters for hire to people with different levels of ability. Our professional, experienced, friendly drivers will pick up and drop our clients safely to and from where they need to be. We can offer transport to specialist appointments, health care appointments such as shopping, social events, massage appointments, podiatry appointments, hospital visits, hairdressing appointments, outings, social visits and events without having to depend on family and friends.

All our drivers and team members have police clearances. We make sure that you are safe. Our drivers are highly trained to work with people in wheelchairs or just people who have a different kinds of abilities. The drivers are trained to behave respectfully and helpfully so that you or your loved ones have a wonderful experience.

We have a wide range of vehicles, manual and powered wheelchairs and other mobility or medical equipment available to fulfil your needs. Gilani Engineering aims to provide ease and access to everything you or your loved ones want.