Wheelchair Hire Service in Sydney

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are excellent aids to those requiring assistance with mobility, you can utilise wheelchair hire service at Gilani Engineering NOW!

These aids improve the movement of people with limited mobility, allowing them to participate more freely in society in all conceivable terms and ensure a greater level of inclusivity. While it may seem that wheelchairs are for those that they may have long-term requirements and need for assistance, it could not be further away from the truth.

All kinds of physical activities can lead to temporary injuries hindering the general movement of people. Sports are one important cause of these injuries and people may require wheelchairs and mobility scooters for a short time, say a few days or weeks. Investing in wheelchairs for such temporary usage may not seem like a wise monetary decision to many people.

The rental services are not only viable for those with temporary injuries caused by, say, playing sports but is also extremely useful for those who require wheelchairs only rarely. There are people with special needs who may not leave their house as much and hence may not feel the need to buy a wheelchair. They can simply benefit from the hiring service provided by our company.

Wheelchair Hire costs and service centers:

Gilani Engineering presents the opportunity to hire their wheelchairs and the most affordable rates across Australia. By contacting the company, you can get a wheelchair or any other mobility aid at extremely economical rates. Gilani Engineering charges just 0.6% of the purchase price of the aid per day across Australia.

This rental opportunity is very cost-effective, the service works not just in cities like Sydney and Brisbane but all over the country. These low-priced rates are better ensuring that people can afford means to transport.

Process of wheelchair hire equipment:

The rental process for the equipment is simple. All the customers have to do is choose from a wide variety of equipment – wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, ramps, walkers, trike bikes, walkers, and rehabilitation equipment. After selecting, the customer can simply inform the service center and provide the details of the order. Gilani Engineering will deliver the products across the country. The products can also be picked up from the stores by the customers after presenting the necessary hiring details. This system is made to be as smooth as possible to ensure greater customer convenience.

Gilani realizes that people may have different needs depending on the different levels of abilities and hence seeks to improve the experience by providing as much customized range of products and services even for customers that are only seeking to hire the equipment.

Advantages of wheelchair hire mobility equipment from Gilani Engineering:

  • Most affordable rates in Australia
  • Great option for those looking to use the equipment short time
  • Perfect for people looking for temporary options for assistance in movement
  • Delivery and pickup across the country
  • Highly responsive sales service with rapid and efficient response rate for all customer queries


The aim of Gilani Engineering is to make sure that the demands of people with different requirements are catered for and hence it has always sought to expand its operations to provide newer products and newer ways to make sure customers are able to access these products and equipment. It is because of this that the company provides for hiring the same products that are easily available for purchase too at extremely affordable rates.

Customers with additional queries can give us a call on 02 8740 8963 or send us an enquiry via the form to the right or email us on sales@gilaniengineering.com.au for more information.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

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