The Best Top 3 Wheelchair Hoist NDIS vehicle modification Sydney?

Were you wondering who the top 3 best wheelchair hoist NDIS vehicle modification providers are in Sydney?

Well, you have come to the right place, because in this article today I will be discussing why you might need a wheelchair hoist, different NDIS vehicle modification providers in Sydney, the different brands available on the market and the process of getting a custom made wheelchair hoist from Gilani Engineering.


Delivering the best driving solution in mobility assistance for easy travelling with Gilani Engineering

Why would you need a wheelchair hoist disability car conversion? 

NDIS Vehicle Modifications such as wheelchair hoists are a necessity for wheelchair users as many electric wheelchairs on the market are heavy, bulky and hard to transport. Sure the lightest weight wheelchairs weigh about 25 Kg however, even 5 or 10 Kg can be difficult for some carers to carry. Some people have young and strong children that can carry 25kg easily, however many elderly people live with their elderly spouses who cannot even carry 5 Kg. Overtime, this can cause health problems and injuries if a person constantly struggles with lifting their wheelchair. It is important to consider many different factors when organising the right wheelchair accessible car conversions. The different factors weighing in may include:

  • How much can their carer lift?
  • Do they live alone or with others?
  • How often will they travelling with the wheelchair?
  • What their physical ability is?
  • What is their budget?
  • How large or how small is their car?
  • How high is the car boot?
  • How heavy is their wheelchair?

With that information, engineers or occupational therapists can find a personalised solution and can have a clearer idea on what disability car conversion suits the individual.

Best NDIS vehicle modification providers in Sydney

So now who are the best NDIS vehicle modification providers in Sydney?

  • Freedom Motors: Freedom motors is a high quality NDIS vehicle modification provider in Sydney. They
  • Integrity Car Sales: Integrity Car Sales provides one of the best NDIS vehicle modifications in Sydney.
  • Gilani Engineering: Gilani Engineering undoubtedly provide the number 1 service for NDIS vehicle modifications in Australia. They not only create custom made solutions for all sorts of situations but build their own vehicle modification parts and have RMS registered automotive engineers on site. With an abundance of technical experience, Gilani Engineering falls into first place for NDIS vehicle modifications.

Three Simple Steps to get a custom made wheelchair hoist 

So what are the steps to find the best wheelchair hoist for your vehicle, wheelchair and your preferences?

Step 1. Consultation

The consultation involves your Occupational Therapist, our engineer and yourself to assess your vehicle and wheelchair to see what needs to be done. Your OT will make recommendations as well. This is the time when you get to have a chat with us and discuss the type of modification you need. You can choose from the TYPE, BRAND and SIZE of your wheelchair hoist.

Step 2. Design

Our engineers will design or make adjustments to the products and create a solution for you. The production team will then order parts and let our sales team know when they are ready for you to come in.

Step 3. Production

Our lovely staff will get in contact with you and organise a time and date when convenient for you to drop the car off at our workshop.

Step 4. Booking

Once the booking is made, you will bring your car in on the delegated date and time and we will commence work on your vehicle.

Step 5. Finalisation


Contact us on 02 8740 8963 to get a free consultation with our Engineers today!


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